Exclusive track by track: Dohny Jep – L.U.S.T

With groove alt rockers Dohny Jep set to release their debut EP L.U.S.T, this Friday, we asked the band to give us an exclusive track by track breakdown of their incoming EP:

“Time on Reflection”

Our opening track gets straight to the point with an up close and personal invite into our lives as kids growing up, the mischief and regrets that so many of us have by the time we hit our mid-twenties and wish we’d paid more attention to what we wanted to do with our lives!


When writing L.U.S.T we wanted to create something that wasn’t our kind of sound in its rawest form but it gave us a great challenge to adapt it to suit the Dohny Jep vibes! This is a song about wanting something you can’t have and trying to resist the urges.


Ambushed is about Pete’s struggles with social anxiety and the dark places that you can end up in if you don’t try and snap out of it to realise that so many people in your life around you are offering their love and support.

“Normal Reality”

Normal Reality is about how most of us get stuck in a rut with daily life, being in a situation you aren’t strong enough to change and reliving the nightmare over and over. Sometimes we need to reach out to others for help and not be ashamed of that.


Fictions is a song that reminds you of the wondrously kind intentions of your loved ones who raise you to believe in things like Santa or the Tooth Fairy and the time that you realise they were all lies and how you then cope with trusting your loved ones in the future.


Relevance is an ironically rebellious anthem for those anyone trying to break through in the music industry and feeling like there is no hope for the vast amounts of musicians trying to be heard outweighs the amount of venues and opportunities available to us, but we still try because we love creating music


Dreamer is our version of a ballad! This song we hold pretty closely because it’s about how we often dream about our passion in being able to make music for a living and not having to work those jobs that we hate. Whether that ever happens, who knows but we’ll give it our best shot and enjoy the ride all the same!

“To the Pyre (You Lack Spirit)”

To the pyre was definitely the most challenging song to write. We were both listening to a lot of rap artists around the time of writing so apparently that ended up influencing the outcome of the track! This track deals with those times you get lost in hateful shouting matches with your partner and not feeling like you can trust anyone.

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