The History of Scratch Cards

Every day, literally millions of players across the globe buy scratch cards and scratch away the panels to see if they’ve won something big. The popularity of scratch cards stems from the fact that they are very simple and easy to play.

The widespread availability of scratch cards means that they’re available in lots of convenient places like supermarkets, shops, and more. Recently, online scratch cards have also increased in popularity, and they’re even more convenient and easy to use than their physical counterparts. As technology keeps on advancing, there’s no doubt that they only get better in the near future.

Now, you might be wondering where exactly did scratch cards originate and how did they become so popular? If this is the case, continue reading to the history of this popular gambling game.

Where it all began?

As with most inventions in the field of science, technology had to reach a certain stage of development before the first scratch cards appeared. In this case, it was the combination of printing and computer technology that first had to slot in place.

Daniel Bawer and John Koza made use of their respective skills together to create the first scratch card. Bawer was an expert in marketing, while Koza had a degree in computer science. They began exploring the possibilities of printing random computer-generated symbols or numbers and covering them with a latex-style material that could be easily scratched off. In 1974, the formed a company called the Scientific Games Corporation and the very first prototypes of first printed scratch cards were produced.

Massachusetts was the first state that permitted the use of scratch cards, and people immediately became fond of this new way of trying their luck. Soon after, a number of states approached the Scientific Games Corporation to commission their own versions of scratch cards.

Across the ocean to the UK

With the introduction of the Take-a-Ticket, scratch cards got another boost in popularity in the year 1985. This device allowed tickets to be easily displayed during a time when they were sometimes kept out of sight. Needless to say, if scratch card fanatics could see these tickets, they were more inclined to buy them.

According to various online resources, scratch cards didn’t make it across the Atlantic in 1987. In fact, they were only introduced to the UK in 1995. Scratch cards were brought over by National Lottery operators (Camelot) and have since become one of the most popular games in the UK.

The birth of online scratch cards

The early 21st century saw a huge leap forward in scratch card technology, which led to the advent of internet scratch cards.

Online scratch cards have completely transformed one of the most simple and popular forms of gambling. Perhaps, the greatest advantage of playing an online scratch card game is the convenience factor. There’s no need to visit your local kiosk, as you can easily buy and play scratch cards from the comfort of your home. These scratch cards games online, with their vivid graphics, are available in a wide variety of different themes, which make them a perfect choice for any scratch card fanatic.

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