Dead Reynolds: exclusive track-by-track from upcoming EP

Fast rising alt-rockers Dead reynolds will reveal their superb new EP, Frontier on Friday. The Brit tunesmiths have attracted strong attention from many quarters. With this in mind, we caught up with the band and asked them to give us an exclusive track by track breakdown of each of the songs on the record:

“By Your Side”

Realisation a relationship is destined for failure and how to come to terms with it all. Finding solitude and support from people you have crossed paths with throughout your life. References to losing someone as they could have been taken away and dealing with feelings of grief.


This track is about growing apart in a relationship. Finding yourself but not disregarding the history that has been made and shared together. Life is like a story with our memories being formed as letters to each other. PS is the final comment and after thought as if something has been forgotten, did we make the right decision?

“Bright Lights”

Being Alone – Feeling Lost, Mis-understood. Thinking about what you are doing, what your life holds and how to break the monotony, boredom and find a way through the darkness. Falling fast. References to Mental Health


Written as a letter to yourself – acknowledging your faults and the need for growth. Not being hung up on the past. Breaking down the walls of despair, falling apart in the process and realising its “killing me” and how to get through it.”

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