Members of several bands record lockdown cover of Rush’s “Xanadu”

What happens when some good old friends have some spare time and want to have fun? Well, they record and film their own version of Rush’s masterpiece “Xanadu”.

Alberto and Teo from King Bong (psychedelic instrumental jam, IT) sent a text to Dan of Gramma Vedetta (sci-fi heavy rock, UK) and to Alice of  Aliceissleeping (Alternative rock, UK) saying: “Guess what, we‘ve got a fever, and the only prescription is to play and record ‘Xanadu'”.

Filmed and recorded between London and Milan during the 2020 lockdown, this performance expresses a friendship that lasts through time and space, like the magnificent art gifted to the world for four decades by the Canadian trio. We reckon they’ve made a decent stab at it, especially given the conditions under which it’s been recorded!

Reach out the bands’ bandcamp profiles to discover their music (and remember that on the first Friday of each month, bandcamp waive their fees to artists get more!):

King Bong:

Gramma Vedetta:


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