Track-by-Track: Dali – Vol. 1

Fast rising UK alt rock crew (and former Band of the Day), Dali, hurl out riff-infused rock spiked with powerful vocal lines, and thoughtful structures. The Brit upstarts will release their blistering debut EP, Vol. 1, on Friday 24th April. With this in mind, we asked the band for an exclusive track by track breakdown of the EP:

“Borrowed Time”:

Introducing the record with atmospheric eeriness of the ensemble’s chanting vocals, you are suddenly thrust into a mechanical guitar which instantly sets the tone for the EP.  Sporting a giant sing-along chorus, the melody is reintroduced over and over throughout ‘there’s nowhere to run, there’s nowhere to hide’ – creating a triumphant beginning to the first chapter and pulling you in.


Close is Vol.1’s ballad if you will.  It opens with a huge ‘punch to the chest’, launching you into an instantly capturing wall of sound. It soon drops down into a softer, melodically driven verse. The song is intentional and sincere.

(Matt) Close is an enthralling emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, what it encapsulates is the feeling of strain and loss of friendships & relationships as you come of age / find yourself.

“You’re Not The One”:

Instantly hooked in by a visceral guitar line, you are pulled into Dali’s anger and frustration with the state of our nation as they seek to speak up for the oppressed through another giant, soaring chorus, disjointed rhythms and layered harmonies which throughout the track, seek only to deliver a message to the masses.


Appropriately placed at the end of the record, Wasteland is Dali’s bridge to new, unexplored territory. The dancing guitar melody, soft, sincere vocal, and steady build of the track see the musicality of the band grow as they seek to explore new boundaries in songwriting, and composition. The song is an open letter to music, that in times of uncertainty, we may revisit and rekindle. The song ascends into the pinnacle of the record, leaving you wondering and waiting for the ultimate culmination of Vol.1 and the start of what is to come.”

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