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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Expected changes to slots in 2020

If there is one section of the gambling industry that is constantly innovating, it simply has to be the world of online slots, because the games on offer here seem to get bigger and better pretty much every year. It is to be expected after all; with the amount of potential revenue up for grabs developers are trying as hard as they can to make online slots that set them apart from the rest.

What this entails is a constant online slot evolution, something that is pretty great news for us slot gamblers. If you think back to even just a decade ago things like graphics and bonus features are vastly inferior to what you can find today, it makes us very excited for the future. So without further ado, read ahead for some expected changes to slots in 2020 – check this site out.

Even better graphics

Did you ever play some of the earliest examples of online slots? Whilst their novelty made them incredibly popular, the graphics were awfully pixelated, and it meant that you couldn’t really play for long as it could genuinely hurt your eyes. This changed quickly, however, as developers got their hands on newer technology that meant they could dramatically improve the graphics of their online slots.

Graphics is one area where developers are always seeking to improve, and they have got to a pretty good point now. But here’s the thing: you can never rest in the online slot industry, and that is why we expect the graphics in online slots to get even better over the course of the year. They could even end up competing with consoles like the Xbox or Playstation!

More elaborate bonus features

One of the things that really sets online slots apart from other forms of gambling game is the amount of special bonus features that developers have started to cram in over the years. This is something that makes online slots so much more exciting than say, video roulette or poker, because it brings in a different aspect to gambling games.

In 2020 many online slot analysts expect the bonus features offered by developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming to get even more elaborate, something that is only good news for us slot gamblers. There is big money to be made in some of the better bonus features available on the market currently, so we are very excited about this development.

The arrival of virtual reality slots

Oh yes, you heard that right; virtual reality is the latest new technology to be adopted by the online slot market, and the possibilities associated with this are well and truly endless. There are already a handful of virtual reality online casinos around these days, whereby you enter a virtual casino hall and sit at your favourite online slots.

This is all well and good, but we cannot wait for the arrival of genuine virtual reality slots that you can play from the inside. With virtual reality you could step inside your favourite online slot, and genuinely be a part of the action onscreen!

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