3 Ways to Keep Busy During Lockdown

The global Coronavirus pandemic has forced the world into a lockdown and far away from the entertainment and everyday life that we have all become accustomed to. This has obviously led many to question how they are possibly going to keep themselves and their families entertained for the foreseeable future. Don’t stress! Here is a list of the top three ways to keep busy during these trying times.

Explore a New Music Genre

Music soothes the soul and, as such, is more important now than ever before. Use this time to expose yourself to something new and exciting. You could look into a music artist or band that you have never heard of, or you could go the whole hog and try to get into a new music genre. If you have been quite stuck in your ways, you probably aren’t even aware that the following genres even exist:

  • CDM: otherwise known as Country Dance Music.
  • Heroine Pop: this is a genre that follows female pop stars who don’t conform to the usual pop conventions. Instead of singing about love and the like, they cover ‘real’ topics. A few good examples of singers who can be considered ‘heroine pop’ stars include Lorde and Lana Del Rey.
  • Glitch Hop: a variation of hip hop music, glitch hop incorporates ‘glitch’ sounds, like chopping and lo-fi sounds, with hip hop beats.
  • Dubstazz: a merging of electronic music and traditional jazz.

Play Bingo Online

If you are not a fan of games like poker and roulette, bingo is a fun and low-risk alternative to consider. Explore the Newest Bingo sites and give the game a go. There are many benefits associated with bingo along with passing the time. For example, it has been said to increase mental alertness and flexibility, as well as improve memory.

Pick Up a New Hobby

A hobby is a fantastic way to be productive as well as to distract your mind for a little while. This is great news if you often find yourself worrying or overthinking in relation to the virus and its impact on the world’s health and economy. It is a relief to discover that you don’t need much in order to embark on a new hobby.

Head out into the sunshine in your garden and start planting seeds or pulling weeds. The extra Vitamin D and the summertime sun on your skin will be sure to perk up your mood.

Alternatively, why not take up baking or brush up on your cooking skills? Eating nutritious meals will also go a long way towards boosting your immune system for added peace of mind.

Whether you indulge in a few extra rounds of bingo or spend a few hours delving into a music genre that you aren’t familiar with, this lockdown period is sure to prove a lot more relaxing and rewarding than you originally anticipated. Try to look on the bright side and savour this free time. After all, the world will likely be back to its original pace a lot sooner than you might think!

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April 29, 2020 12:51 PM

We have been using zoom a lot to do weekly events with other family members such as quizzes, tonight we are all playing bingo with cards we’ve all printed off and the host even has a bingo machine