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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Tips when designing a recording studio or a music room

The process of creating a recording studio or a music room involves several challenges and one should know how to design them properly. Musicians should understand that setting up a recording studio or a music room is not an easy task. They should focus more on certain important things that can help to accomplish goals significantly. A well- designed room allows musicians to create a better environment for recording music with ease. Another thing is that it gives ways to focus more on the objectives with attention.

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1. Planning 

Before creating a recording studio or a music room, it is necessary to understand the use of the spaces properly. A musician should make sure that a recording studio has enough spaces for garage bands for vocal recording or listening to chamber music because both of them have basic differences. The location of a studio or music room is very important for carrying out important tasks accordingly. 

2. Room shape and size 

The next part is determining the room shape and size as they both play an important role in planning everything depending on the requirements. It is advisable not to choose a room with small spaces because they will lead to discomfort. Therefore, rooms with large spaces are an ideal choice for accommodating more musicians and instruments. It is a wise one to avoid rooms that are having concave surfaces, parallel walls, flat ceilings, and regularized forms. 

3. Sound check 

Sound check is necessary for designing a recording studio or music room. There are four things to notice when sound waves strike a surface. They include sound reflection, sound isolation, sound absorption, and sound transmission that musicians should take control while designing space for music. 

4. Acoustics 

Acoustics is another important factor to consider while designing a recording studio or music room. This will help to deal with sound and sound waves effectively to record music without any difficulties.

5. Flooring 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/MEL-jJnm7RQ

This is the most important where a musician should give high importance because it gives ways to avoid distraction and other disturbances to a large extent. The hardwood flooring sounds natural that can do major wonders in a room. Apart from that, it makes feasible ways to balance the absorbers and diffusers inside the room. It is a little bit expensive compared to other flooring types. Hence, it is imperative to compare the prices before choosing the works that can help to get more ideas.

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