The great musician that loves to gamble

Gambling is not just a favorite pastime of us mortals who struggle to make ends meet. Some famous artists became notorious for their love toward poker or blackjack sessions. One thing is for sure, they got enough money to play as many hands as they want, so we envy them a little bit. Some even perfected their game over the years, earning big amounts of cash from their casual gameplay.

Sully Erna

This heavy metal guitarist is not just skilled at producing melodies that get stuck in your head. He is an avid poker player and also a very good one. After few entries at World Series where he had moderate success, he earned more than $300,000 so far and stated that he is eager to continue playing poker while committing more time and focus to his game.


Motorhead’s founder loved gambling so much that he even wrote an epic song about it. While the seducing beat of Ace of Spade rings in your ears, it is not hard to imagine Lemmy playing slots with his favorite drink in one hand with the other hand spinning those wheels. Even legends can’t resist some good slot machines.

Gladys Knight

Who could imagine that this soft-spoken lady with an angel voice was a passionate baccarat player that regularly played high-stake games in the world’s biggest casinos? This lady didn’t play $1 deposit casino games but more like $10,000 a hand while developing a strong passion for this particular card game. She claims that her infatuation with baccarat evaporated as time went by so she plays it rarely these days and just for fun.

Macy Gray

Another Afro-American diva is well-known for her love for card games. In her case, it is the all-time favorite blackjack. By her own admission, she genuinely enjoys blackjack and never misses an opportunity to play while touring around the globe. She likes visiting new casino sites everywhere she travels while soaking up local customs and sometimes earning a few bucks along the way.

Harry Styles

It seems like One Direction was a long time ago and Harry really went his way, finding his own path of self-expression while forming his loyal fan base. Somewhere along the way, he discovered his love for poker. There were even some headlines in the press about his managers not being happy with his gambling habits but it seems like Harry doesn’t pay attention to these comments. He enjoys his game like a true rock star.

50 Cent

This gangsta-rap superstar loves making money, whether he invests in his entrepreneurial endeavors or makes some lucrative bets. Many credited his love for sports betting to him being a good friend with another avid gambler celebrity- Floyd Mayweather. Everyone remembers when Fifty showed off his earnings from Giants win over 49ers a few years ago. Money seems to stick to like a magnet to Fifty and we can only admire his skills.


You do not have to be a celebrity to enjoy casual gambling. It is understandable that high stakes bring along more excitement, but until you become a world-famous superstar, be grateful for being able to enjoy your beloved games. Playing responsible is a much better option than playing hard.

Frankie Wilde is a content writer at various gambling sites. Also, he is a passionate traveller and a great cook. Frankie shares informative articles with the world.

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