Crimson Star – “track by track” from their new EP

Taking from Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, and Black Sabbath, through to Muse, Crimson Star have created a sound a monstrous sounds fuelled by riffs and refrains. The threesome’s hotly-tipped new EP, entitled The Old Dawg, is out 3rd April, and we exclusively asked the guys to give us a track by track breakdown of the songs on the EP:

Track 1: Living A Lie

The opening track of the EP is entitled “Living A Lie”. The song tells the tale of a woman who has to keep her relationship with a man a secret due to the fear of dangerous consequences! The song starts off with a bass drum beat representing the heartbeat of the band which is beating stronger than ever! The song is full of groove, a bouncy riffs and a very catchy chorus!

Track 2: Norma

Norma tells the story of a man dealing with his own sanity and doesn’t know what is real anymore! He prays for the water to come and wash away his sins believing this will rid him of his demons. The song jumps in with one of our heaviest riffs, slowly down to a nice bouncy verse into a softer (ish) more melodic chorus! It features a very cool breakdown with a whammy guitar solo Tom Morello would want to call his own!

Track 3: The Olde Dawg (video link)

The title track finishes off the EP and describes someone who has made the wrong choices in life and has to deal with their failures and continue to head into the unknown not knowing where it will lead. The song starts with a very driven-grooved verse leading into a belter of a chorus and ends with an outro riff / breakdown that will definitely leave you wanting more!

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