2019 Crew Review: Eduinaluca – Writer

Have I already said I hated the end of the year festivities? Exhausted, sick and grinchy me now delivers the year review.


It was not a productive year for me when it came to publishing articles, a total of six. Yet it was for my favorite label Ashen Dominion. Their release Sheen and Misery by Ezkaton was a pleasant and promising one and Morphine Dead Gardens by Raventale, which I’m currently listening to as I write, is my favourite of the year. 2019 was also the opportunity for me to finally discover Saor with Forgotten Paths and I’m glad it happened when it had to.

Live Shows:

Saor and especially Raventale were a delight to see live at the Metal East Nove Kolo that year. Although the initial black and pagan spirit was kind of gone they somehow managed to keep the flame alive.

The summer kept on being epic with the Arkona show in the middle of nowhere in German-speaking Switzerland but the true season of concerts was to me in the heart of autumn. It was a good experience to take a long drive to the “winter” edition of the Dark Troll Festival in Germany to see -oh surprise- Khors and their exclusive set of their latest EP Beyond the Bestial released the year before. It as also a funny contrast to attend the Swiss show of the following tour just walking distance away. And this is where I had the pleasure to see Skyforger a second time as well as listening to the traditional Latvian song “Juras Dzisma”.


The passing of Naturre, founder and leader of the pioneer Mongol metal act Tengger Cavalry in June, was the saddest and the most heart-breaking event of 2019. The bitterest one too. Brought up short, gone overnight and quickly forgotten, this friend from the other side of the world will be missed, at least by me.

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