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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Live Casinos Influencing New Concert Tech

There’s a common claim among music fans that you haven’t really enjoyed a band until you’ve seen them live. As elitist as this rhetoric can come across, there is certainly something to be said for experiencing the energy and environment of live music. The downside of this comes from the fact that actually getting to a live concert can be difficult or impossible.

There are many reasons why this could be the case, including an incompatible schedule, monetary and distance concerns, and disability-related issues. Originally this meant it was simply not possible for most people to see all the bands they wanted, but tech solutions are rapidly addressing these areas of concern. Strangely enough, some of these developments have come from related tech sources including, somewhat unexpectedly, those of online casinos.

The Age of Filmmaking

One of the most common methods which give fans at least a taste of the real thing is the adoption of live-concert recordings. Whether through video or audio, this had been a popular option for the biggest bands for decades. The smaller bands, however, were often without the means to accomplish this kind of recording, at least on a high-quality level.

In the modern age of connectivity, this a rapidly vanishing problem. Professional level recording equipment is cheaper than ever, which is further bolstered by bands increasing savviness when it comes to capturing live performances.

So, how did live streaming factor into this growing popularity?


The Next Steps

Of the two largest elements which have been evolving live entertainment tech, the first is live-streaming. Capturing a performance for later viewing will always be important, but being able to experience a concert live, even at a distance, adds an indeterminate something extra. Concerts are, after all, often reflections of current cultural and social moods, which makes being part of them live all the more authentic.

While it has taken the concert scene a while to understand this fact, other industries have laid down the framework in their early adoption. Twitch was one such system, and live casino betting is, perhaps, a better example. For unaware readers, live casino betting involves real dealers in games like roulette and blackjack responding in real-time, which, just as with concerts, adds another level to the experience.

These live casino games were first introduced as a way to expand the types of entertainment available, with few casinos prepared for just how popular they would become. Over time, these ended up as smash hits, laying the framework for many other entertainment industries. In this case, their setup and guideline procedures have been leaned on heavily by upcoming bands.

The second-largest upcoming element is that of VR integration. Essentially this form of access adds another level to existing streaming experiences, letting viewers watch as if they were there in person. Some of the limitations, such as VR discomfort and poor field of view, will be naturally addressed as the tech improves. Other issues, such as a lack of interactivity, will, of course, remain inevitabilities of this access.

This is one of the most exciting components of the coming generation of live-recorded music. While it could never measure up to being at a show in person and feeling the crowd around you, it can at least give a strong taste of the atmosphere. A huge boon for those with disabilities and a fantastic way for any fans to take part, VR concerts could be an enormous market in the future.

That is not to say that we ever expect live concerts to wain in popularity because of these new technologies; in fact, the exact opposite could be true. Applications which allow greater access could serve to bring in even more fans, which might allow a band a level of success and appreciation it might never otherwise attain.

With all aspects of this technology continually growing cheaper, these are areas to watch. Provided these industries keep learning from the lessons of services like online casinos, the future could be closer than we think.

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