Coolsculpting For A Perfect Shape

See, there are certain things that can affect body weight and shape. Diet, lifestyle, exercise and genes play a major part in these aspects. However, achieving that perfect photographic shape found on social media for actors and models takes a bit more than a strict regime. That’s where options like surgery, liposuction and more invasive options come in; especially for those who don’t want to go for medicines and steroids. But did you know that CoolSculpting in London and available in many other cities across the world is a great option for you? This procedure can help you lose that extra bit of stubborn fat around your abs or pectorals for that picture-perfect look. It can also work on rather larger deposits of fat but at a slower rate.

With targeted areas, cryolipolysis is a great option for removing stubborn fat from cells. The treatment is generally done for areas around the belly but can also be done for other areas on the body. Just like with liposuction, this procedure works on specific areas at a time, but the cost involved might be a bit higher.

So, the most important question now is if the procedure actually helps in losing weight and gaining a perfect shape. The answer is a bit mixed. The procedure can boost your efforts if you have started exercising and following a diet regime planned as per your genes and metabolism. If you’re overweight and are doing nothing active about reducing your weight, the procedure will take up much more time and sessions. Additionally, if you’re not even following a diet, the results will be slow and even imperceptible. It can be safely said that the effectiveness of the procedure depends on the metabolism of the body and the equipment used. The procedure freezes fat cells in a targeted area. This controlled freezing crystallises fat cells, killing them. The body then absorbs these dead cells naturally and this removes the fat deposit completely. Since the fat cells are destroyed, the body has to recreate the cells to store fat from scratch.

Everyone’s physiology is different and so is their metabolism rate. Based on that and your lifestyle, the fat cells in your body might be in different states of resilience. Thus, at the time of consultation, your doctor will tell you the number of sessions that will be required for you to remove the desired volume of fat weight. During the procedure, an applicator with a gel pad will be used to provide controlled cooling to the targeted areas. This is a non-invasive procedure, so no incisions are made and there’s no bleeding. Thus, as opposed to surgical methods, there is no practical downtime and people can resume their daily routine almost immediately. However, since fat cells are frozen, some might experience a bit of discomfort like pinching. But this slight discomfort is only temporary and goes away after a while. Other than this mild inconvenience, there are no other complications.

The procedure is costlier than traditional surgery or liposuction but has the advantage that you won’t have to take any kind of medications or substantial rest after the procedure.

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