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12 of the Best of the 2019 Moshpit

Moshing isn’t for everyone but if you enjoy the action and energy of the moshpit, you might be interested in hearing about some of the year’s best mosh music. Getting hot and heavy in the pit offers you the chance to explore some of the best of the metal music scene for the same good fun and excitement of your favorite casino download games.

Raining Blood

“Raining Blood”, by Slayer, is a great piece to which you can really get into the pit and let yourself go.  The “Children of Bodom” people deliver a loud, raging, sweaty bone metal for real crushing moshpit dancing. Great thrash riff and an all-around awesome mosher for all mosh enthusiasts.


This black metal from 1349 doesn’t have the dissonance that you often hear on most metal melodies. The song includes a hummable part that doesn’t impose on all things “trve” and “kvlt” that accompanies the Hell ordained black metal sounds, matching it like a fish to water. If you liked “Sculptor of Flesh” this is the release for you.

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

The Black Dahlia Murder has come through again with an insane pit song that is completely suited to moshing  The melo-death band can really work up a crowd and this song is the perfect showcase for their talents. It’s as intense as it gets while creating an atmosphere that will make even non-moshers want to get down into the pit.

Best for serious guitar jamming….


3Teeth’s “Affluenza” is industrial, the catchiest track on the Metawar album. “Affluenza” pushes the floor with choppy, disjointed chugs, propulsive grooves and downtuned guitars. “Affluenza” decries the State of America which is described as “rotting in the west” and a “orgy of corporate incest.”

Chelsea Smile

Bring Me the Horizon’s “Chelsea Smile” demonstrates that modern heavy metal is every bit as intense as anything that the old boys can dig up. BmtH’s track delivers constant tempo changes that gives the crowd everything that it needs to go nuts. The words are catchy so everyone can sing in the pit. Lots of opportunities to scream and get insane throughout.

Harvest Pyre

Harvest Pyre is Abbath’s second album. Fans notice that the frontman, formally from Immortal, brings a more focused sound to his guitar while heading off in a whole new direction from his Immortal days. The death-tinged Outstrider album is sexed-up black metal that brings with it a refreshing new atmosphere of battle-ready riffage including “Harvest Pyre” where we hear “I squander riches / lay the bitches / lust a jaded spray.”

Stellar Tidal Disruption

Allegaeon’s newest, Stellar Tidal Disruption, highlights the intensity of a tech-death band with a guitar clinic on an uber-memorable track that allows them to escape the fate that nips at the heels of their contemporaries. The track goes beyond the tech and will keep the lead in your head long after the lights go on.

Raven’s Flight

Amon Amarth fans immediately adopted the band’s “Raven’s Flight” as one of their band’s classic tracks. The release includes some heavy metal elements and features some Maiden-esque melodies and a steady gallop.  The track totally revitalizes the Amon Amarth sound and demonstrates that the group has as much power as ever. Producer Jay Ruston gets a lot of credit for “Raven’s Flight”, ensuring that it has a balanced punch and a bone-crunching drum.

Don’t Turn Your Back

Angel Witch released “Don’t Turn Your Back” as a mission statement on playing heavy metal in 2019. While remaining true to their NWOBHM classic sound  they insert power and intensity that will likely ensure that the sound goes down as one of the band’s best songs ever. as feasibly possible. With more hooks than a tackle box at a Bassmaster Tournament, this instantly cements itself among the band’s best songs ever.


As I Lay Dying has roared back with “Redefined”, a technical, delicious and thrashy track that’s every bit as good as their last hit, “My Own Grave”. The two strong showings prove that As I Lay Dying is no quick blip on the black metal screen — it shows the band’s aggressive evolution which counters with a modern, clean-sung chorus.

Analogs in a Cell

For deathcore fans, Born of Osiris has always stood apart.  They focus on a delivery that includes an equal focus on both breakdown and progressive elements. “Analogs in a Cell” is the group’s latest evolution but their core concentration on the breakdown and progressive elements doesn’t waver.  The track teeters between atmospheric textures and palm-muted chugs for a resulting unpredictable song that brings with it an overwhelming sense of danger.

No Light Shall Save Us

No Light Shall Save Us, by Carnifex, is the band’s seventh album and fans will immediately understand that much of the success of the release is due to the guest appearance from Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz. The track is enhanced by rapturous synths and ominous guitar melodies that add a fresh dynamic to Carnifex’s ever-expanding deathcore palette. The band always surprises as they continue to evolve the genre they helped define over a decade ago.

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