Impact of music in casino

In the words of Shakespeare ‘if music be the food of love, play on’. Music has been with us since the beginning of time. It has been used to tell when an individual is in love, when some one dies, when the warriors of time past won battles against their enemies.

In recent times the uses of music haven’t changed that much. Music has been found to affect different individuals in different ways. Our neurological pathways are wired differently in response to certain music. When you are heartbroken, certain songs which should ordinarily make you feel good are found to make heartbroken people cry. People who are feeling down have reported a lift in their moods after listening to an upbeat song.

Casinos are no different when it comes to using music to their advantage. Casinos have found out that the use of music in their establishments can have a varying effect on casino players. This testifies to the power which music has over the human psyche. The type of music at play could make a player spend more or even keep him seated at a casino table and spend more. So, the aim of music on any casino, asides to help increase the entertainment experience of players is to make the players spend more money.

When you walk into a mall, most times there is background music. Depending on how the mall is built, the music could either be central, i.e. played in every store in the mall, or when you step into a store, your hearing is filled with a different kind of music. This is done to encourage you to spend time in the mall and eventually make you spend more. Imagine walking into your favourite store and your favourite song is playing, your neurological pathways would be sending such positive feelings into your body, your credit card, would be out and paying before you know it.

The type of music played in establishments are designed to cause different reactions in individuals. Some kinds of music would have you increasing your pace to subconsciously keep up with the music, while some will have you slowing down to enjoy the music also. So, casinos have difference playlists which have been tested on players without you knowing. These playlists come with a numerous variety of options of music just as good as free spins no deposit UK 2019. Music in casinos could also be used to make players comfortable. If you happen to be waiting in line, listening to some good music might make the time you have to wait seem short. It reduces impatience as your mind is focused on the song instead of the waiting time.

But, the major reason casinos use music in their establishments is to keep players playing for longer times. When a great playlist is on, you would want it to keep playing. It’s the same experience you would have shopping, you would have will at the casino floor. Most players would be bopping their heads in tune with the music while pulling the slot machine levers or making a move at another round of cards.

Without knowing it, it is the great music that keeps you there in invokes a feeling of positivity inside of you that make you go back to the casino. This feeling will keep most players at the tables and machines for hours longer than they intended. The music played in casinos would come from speakers which would not be visible to the players. It would just flow from every direction in the casino, from your left, your right, it would seem like you are submerged in music. This is all in a bid to keep you playing and spending that money.

Another way music is used in casinos is by the use of popular artists. Some big casinos, especially in Las Vegas, would have shows by some of the biggest names in music. Some of such big names are Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez amongst others. Having musical performances by such big artists would see a flood of people coming into the casino and most of them would try their hands at the games. The combination of watching your favourite artist on a casino stage and the possibility of walking out of their with a pocket full of winnings, is designed by casinos to make people stay in their establishments longer.

Back to the type of music. The casino might decide to use fast loud music. This is in a bid to increase a players reaction time when placing a bet. Without a player been aware, the music is designed to make you act faster, increase the pace of betting, which translates to more income for the casino. The possible downside to this kind of music is, a player might run through his money so fast, he has no other option but to leave the casino floor.

Slow steady music is designed to have the opposite effect on players. While loud fast tempo music makes players react faster, slow steady music slows them down. It is used to encourage players to take their time while placing their bets, think about their next move before making it and in all make them spend more time in the casino. More time spent in the casino means more money spent by the player and more income for the casino.

In all, the kind of crowd a casino has on its floor also determines the kind of music the casino would play. With a younger crowd, more recent upbeat music might work best, an older group might see a casino playing the classics.

All this is designed for one major purpose, the spending of more money by the players will the casinos smile to the bank. Try it out for yourself, put on some upbeat music and see how greatly improved your mood would be. There would be some infusion of energy that would have you smiling while you check out some of the slot sites UK locations.

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