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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Track By Track: Kilonova – Omnicide

UK riff-slingers Kilonova set loose their new EP, Omnicide, this Friday (and recent Band of the Day). We exclusively spoke to the Brit metallers about the EP and they give us this unique track by track insight:

Straight to Hell

Religion is all too often used as a tool for political control, a weapon to divide and demonise people. “Straight to Hell” is a defiant anthem about refusing to be controlled by those who sow division. Musically this track is a pacey and full of hooks, and when it lets up for just a moment it’s only to wind up a heavier hit. This was the first song we had every part written for. It really helped us galvanise our sound.

Hang the Hangman

Hang The Hangman, during its high speed assault on the senses, asks who can ever have the authority to end a life? When justice becomes revenge and short-sighted bloodlust shapes your decisions can you be better than your worst urges or will you be another link in the chain? That’s the question this song asks. We wanted this track to capture the violence it’s about and it never lets you catch your breath.

Own Enemy

“Own Enemy” is where this EP switches gears and drops into a twisting groove. As the name suggests it’s all about doubt, and how we can condemn ourselves to failure before we’ve even begun. This began as a set of lyrics Ellen wrote out and as soon as we saw them the chorus came naturally, and the song grew from there.

Blood in the Water

You’re not dead yet, or so you keep repeating”. That all-consuming dread that can creep up slowly is what inspired this song. The groove shifts under your feet and creates an uncertainty and disorientation that really embodies the atmosphere this song creates. Each verse is structured a little differently to the others and as you’re getting your bearings the feel of the music changes again and again. The song gets turned on its head a few times as you move through it, building up to a burgeoningly heavy instrumental where everything comes together.

“Ivory Tower”: Power corrupts and money is power. The people who can afford to, get to decide what truth is but we don’t have to swallow what we’re fed. This song is about how people get lost in a false world of marketing and half-truths, where there’s no such thing as a fact; chasing after some intangible sense of power. About half way through this song everything kicks into a higher gear and becomes a breakneck, pit opening rager. You can definitely feel the Bay Area influence shining through on this one.

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