Must-Have Accessories for Playing Cello

Cello, also known as violoncello as it is part of the violin family, is considered one of the most beautiful instruments a musician can play. If you’re someone who’s new into playing this instrument, a cello should be accompanied with appropriate accessories to lengthen its life and to provide the instrument with proper care as if it’s an extension of your body. Here are some of the things you should invest in once you have a cello:

  1. Hard Case

Choose a hard case that has padding in it to protect the cello from scratch and debris. Also, before purchasing a hard case, test it out to see if it fits well with your cello. You don’t want to buy a case that your cello won’t fit in.

  1. Rosin

Rosin is a kind of resin that performers put on the bow hair. You’ve probably seen a musician do this before. The reason for putting rosin on the bow hair is to increase friction, thus producing quality sound. Just always remember that you have to wipe the rosin off your cello after using it to maintain its cleanliness and avoid it from accumulating unwanted dust.

  1. Bow

Choosing the best bow for your cello will speak in the quality of performance you’ll be having. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that a cello bow produces a different sound and you’ll need to find that sound that you perceived is the best for you.

  1. Practice Mute

Worried that you won’t be able to practice because you’re living in a space where neighbors are just a meter away? Don’t worry because practice mutes have come to save your day. Place it on the bridge of your cello and you’ll be able to practice the instrument without waking up anyone.

  1. Strings

Of course, a cello wouldn’t be complete without the strings. Strings are sensitive to vibration for it is the one giving the rich, complex tone. Thus, it’s best to seek advice from your instructor or an expert from the store on the best string that would be fitting for you as a beginner.

  1. Stand

Investing in a quality music stand will give you the time and energy to focus on producing smooth and quality sound instead of stressing out over the weight of the instrument and putting your posture at stake.

  1. Pencil

Always choose the pencil in no. 2 to keep notes on your music sheet or to lubricate your bridge as required. Professional cellist always has pencil clips in their music stand to always keep one when needed.

  1. Dry Cloth

Keeping a clean microfiber cloth can aid in cleaning up the rosin that has built up while you’re playing the instrument. Make it a habit to clean your cello after every performance.

  1. Case with wheels

Carrying cello in every performance can affect your physical body, especially your posture. That’s why it’s advisable to have a case with wheels to have a hassle-free manner of carrying the instrument.

  1. Chair

During your practice and performance sessions, standing for a very long time can be tiring and could probably affect your performance. Having a musician’s chair can help you take ample time to rest while playing at a superb level.

  1. Endpin Stop

Also known as stop anchor can serve as the anchor of your instrument so that you can freely move without worrying that your cello would slip out. You’ll also have an increased flair in your performance due to the stability offered by this accessory. 


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