Music and the Art of Gaming

Online casinos pride themselves on giving their players the best gaming experience possible; they even boast that land-based casinos can no longer compete with their modern day equivalent. Online casinos offer convenience, a multitude of games, incredible graphics and tantalising bonuses. The relentless surge of new online casinos hitting the market certainly speaks volumes about the popularity of these gaming meccas, and we’d have to agree that land-based casinos have had to step up their game in order to compete.

However, one element that gives land-based casinos the edge is atmosphere. No matter how hard an online casino may try, they can’t quite capture the adrenaline inducing, electric buzz of the casino floor. That’s where music comes in and saves the day.

The Nature of the Game Dictates the Melody

You may not have noticed it, but your online gaming experience is accompanied by its own soundtrack. Each game has its own particular vibe and that vibe is enhanced by musical melodies. Software developers are well aware of the fact that our moods affect our playing styles and that music can directly influence our moods. Silence is definitely not golden in the world of gaming!

With that in mind, developers use music or sound effects to help gamers connect to the rhythm of the game. If the nature of the game requires you to make bold, risky and snap decisions on a purely luck-based game, such as roulette, then the background music needs to match and enhance the high-octane energy that you’d feel if you were actually standing by a real table surrounded by other punters cheering you on.

Sound Effects Instil Hope

Slot game developers have been using melodies and sound effects since the early days of the one-armed-bandits. In land-based casinos, you’ll often hear the thrilling sound of hundreds of coins flowing out of the machine when someone hits the jackpot. This is almost always a sound effect put in place to ensure that as many players as possible know that a win has occurred. A lucky winner gives other players hope. And hope spurs on players to keep making bets, which means more money for the casino.

Online slot game developers have to instil a sense of hope in a different way. They do this by adding celebratory sounds that go off every time a player gets a winning line – a musical ‘pat on the back’ if you will. Some online slots feature melodies that ramp up the excitement by creating suspense and tension, while others feature soothing melodies that keep players calm and serene. The nature of the game dictates the nature of the melody, and the melody makes the game more enjoyable.

Play Your Favourite Tune While You Spin

Lately, we’ve seen plenty of slot games that have incorporated music in a more ‘in your face’ kind of way. Famous rock bands and music artists have partnered with developers to create games that feature a fully customisable soundtrack that matches the theme of the slot. It’s proven to be extremely popular amongst fans of the slot game genre.

It’s not surprising really. When you have to complete an arduous task, like the housework or the commute to work, having your favourite songs playing in the background makes it so much more bearable. But when your favourite tune accompanies a pastime that you love, such as gaming, it makes it so much better that you want to keep doing it all day!

You may think that music hasn’t influenced your game play at all, but we beg to differ. Try out a few free slots with music, and then without music, and see the difference in your gaming habits for yourself – these guys will point you in the right direction:

The truth is that even though the music may be used in a very specific way to affect your gameplay, you wouldn’t want to play without it. Even if you turn the sounds off the game you’re playing, we bet you’ll turn up your own beats to have a little boogie

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