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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Blues – the perfect soundtrack to entertainment

The Blues genre has a massive effect on our culture. Traditional Blues music has been a major influence in near enough every part of our lives. The music has been the inspiration and incorporated in to movies, books and games. In fact, this music genre has even been the source of slot games with successful titles like Jimi Hendrix and Elvis standing out from the crowd. These games never go out of fashion and it would come as no surprise to see other brands such as mobile casino and bingo brand mFortune adopting games of this nature.

The Blues originated when African slaves brought their traditions with them when they were transported to North America. It included harmonious religious and work songs. The work songs were sung rhythmically in time whilst jobs were carried out. This music was combined with folk music and produced the country blues which the blues genre is famous for today.

Blues influence was really seen in the 2007 movie Honeydripper. It is based in 1950 in Alabama, and the owner of the Honeydripper Lounges in debt. To help turn around the fortunes of the club, he hires a guitarist, Guitar Sam. The movie shows how popular and cultural blues music was in the 1950s in America. The Blues Brothers film in 1980 really showed how mainstream blues culture had become in America. Two white boys who have blues in their soul are musicians trying to raise $5000 for an orphanage and do it by playing the blues.

We hear blues in commercials that we see every day on television. For example, AC/DC evolved blues to create a fantastic rock and roll sound. Their song “Thunderstruck” is regularly heard on television during iPhone commercials for Apple. Likewise, with Led Zeppelin, a rock band where the blues influence can be heard in most songs. Their song Rock and Roll is heard in Cadillac commercials. Monster.com, the recruitment website uses Electric Light Orchestra’s Do Ya song. This just goes to show that the blues today is associated with having a good time, buying products to enjoy and being successful.

The Blues Brothers slot game is another example of how the blues has reached all different forms of entertainment. This Bally creation is a 20-line game that came out in 2007 and is a standard one dollar a line. Players spin and have the opportunity to land on blues items such as harmonicas, guitars, vinyl discs and also special symbols of each Blues Brother. Throughout, the game plays catchy blues music and changes on every spin. If you get to the bonus rounds, you unlock even more music to hear. This includes a free 15 spin round where the whole game turns yellow and the Blues Brothers appear on the screen singing their songs and dancing. It creates a feel-good atmosphere which will make anyone feel like making their very own music.

The Blues continues to have a huge impact on our culture, and we see it in movies, television and even on games. This just shows how feel-good Blues is and it’s not a surprise to see why it is still so popular today.

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