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The Top Live Performances in Sports

Music is right for your soul. Do you believe that if a sports event puts on some good music, it will improve the level of enjoyment at the game? Music and sports have a stable relationship. Since sports events such as the World Cup and the Superbowl attract millions of fans, it is always an excellent opportunity for the event organizers to put on a good show for the fans.

Events like the Grand National Entries, are a hot favorite among bettors, and we are sure you are going to love to take part in it.

Here is a look at some of the best live performances at sports events over the years.

#1. Whitney Houston The Superbowl 1991

The late Whitney Houston was one of the best vocalists of all time. You might want to describe her Greatest Of All Time(GOAT). Even though she died her music still lives among us.

In 1991 she was at the peak of her career, and she sang her rendition of the United States Anthem at the Superbowl XXV. Her performance was one which was much needed after the country had been significantly affected by the Persian Gulf War.

That January football fans had traveled all the way to Tampa Bay to watch the Buffalo Bills play against the New York Giants. Although the New Kids on The Block won the super bowl half time slot. It was Houston who won the title for uniting the American in one of the most terrible times in the country.

#2. Knaan FIFA World Cup 2010

The FIFA world cup is one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world which takes place every four years. Every edition of the world cup has its own “national anthem” which is sung to show support to the national teams.

Some artists who have performed in the World cup are Rkelly, Akon, Shakira, Pitbull, Will Smith, and K’naan.

The later is said to have composed one the greatest national anthems of the FIFA World Cup. Waving your Flag was first released in 2009 then during the 2010 World Cup, young artists recorded it in Haiti after the earthquake. It reached the “number one” position in Canadian charts and later it was chosen by Coca Cola their official theme for the World Cup.

It was one of the best live performances in the world. Every country is raising its flag in support of one another. The opening and closing performance are quite unforgettable.

#3. Prince Superbowl 2007

The Superbowl halftime performances are arguably the best, so if you see another Superbowl performance on the list, then you have to know that it was great. No one can arguably beat the  Purple One’s incredible performance. He began by We will Rock You later followed by Let’s go crazy. It was the Florida A&M marching band that elevated the performance by joining to form a new arrangement of Baby I’m a Star. You know it would not be Prince’s performance without Purple Rain, yes you guessed it correct he closed his performance as he shredded the guitar solo to his favorite song while in the rain. Who can ever top that?

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