2018 Crew Review: Rachy – Writer / Copy Editor

There’s nothing more sobering than working in urgent care on New Years Eve and as I go through my usual routine of unwinding on the drive home by playing my loudest playlist, singing like no-one can hear me, it seemed like the perfect time to look back over the last 12 months and see which bands have remained permanently on said list. (Also if I don’t get it in before midnight I’ll turn into a pumpkin or get sacked – one of the two anyway).

I know we all say it every year, but it has been an incredibly exciting year yet again at Moshville Times, with flurries of great music from all rock genres from our regular bands as well as brand spanking new ones that equally blow us away time and time again. It’s always difficult to narrow it down to my favourites – so I’m going for my top three.

Albums Of The Year

Table Scraps – Autonomy

An epic serving of punk-laced garage rock, with each listen you become deeply attached to the infectious songs and relatable lyrics. Table Scraps have proved themselves to be one of the most original garage punk bands around.

Youth Man – 5 Songs

Fluctuating between visceral, noise-rock and old school punk with a luscious layer of funk, this EP demonstrates their vehement direction this now two piece are taking.

Marriage And Cancer – Marriage And Cancer

A chaotic noise rampage, I was aroused and suitably disturbed by this barrage of sound in equal measures. With lashings of grunge and edgy post-punk vibes throughout, I already knew back in February this album would be on my top 2018 list! They have a new single out next week… watch this space!

Best Discoveries Of The Year


Plastic are on a mission to rejuvenate 90s grunge. Their debut album was a breath of filthy grunge air.

Sick Joy

After reviewing their EP Amateurs I was on a mission to catch them live, they did not disappoint. They set the bar high at Camden Rocks Festival with their grunge fuelled, organic rock you expect from a garage band, no gimmicks just prodigious songs executed with ardour.

Rat The Magnificent

By no means an easy listen, their ominous debut left me breathless. The hairs on the back of my neck literally stood up as I played the first track and remained up long after the album finished. Distorted layers of fuzzy guitar flares and angsty punk vocals, it was on repeat for days and I literally couldn’t bring myself to listen to anything else.

Best Gigs Of The Year

Mark Bowen (Idles)

This kind of includes my ‘saddest/not saddest’ moment of 2018.

God Damn/Ghosts Of Dead Airplanes/You Dirty Blue – The Flapper (Birmingham)

What would have been The Flapper’s ‘final weekend’. Sadly one of Birmingham’s greatest rock venues was to be closed for redevelopment. At the eleventh hour, a twelve month extension on the lease was given. The Flapper decided to turn this night’s sell-out gig into a celebration instead, long live The Flapper!

Sweaty and riotous and everything else you’d expect from God Damn, complete with some new tunes and a stage invasion, this was hands down gig of the year!

Idles / Heavy Lungs – O2 Institute (Birmingham)

I’d been desperate to catch this band live since hearing debut album Brutalism. Joy As An Act Of Resistance their second saw them go from 0 to 1,000,000 in the last 12 months meaning I almost dipped out on tickets for this sell-out tour. It was incredible! A full on post-punk romp, band and stage becoming one in body and soul, it’s probably the most fun I’ve had at a gig ever! Next [this! – Mosh] year’s tour dates are already sold out!

God Damn

Clutch – O2 Academy ( Birmingham )

Ok, I didn’t review this one, but Ross reviewed Glasgow and then drove down to catch them again at Birmingham for our now regular ‘Clutch-Mass’ gig. And knowing the guys never play the same set list twice he was in for as much of a surprise as I was. It was a party from start to finish! We were dragged into and bounced out of the pit more times than I can remember, Clutch kept the energy high and put on a stellar performance, with great comical connection to the fans.

Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2019

Wow, so much!

The Red Paintings‘ new album. after a successful crowd funding campaign through Pledge Music, this band have been on an epic journey of creativity. Their space infused, orchestral rock inception has seen them hit incredible highs and heart wrenching lows that they have shared in vivid detail with those who have pledged. I can’t wait for what is surely going to be a masterpiece.

God Damn. I know this trio have been battering away at their third album, Thomas Edward (vocals/guitar) tweeting “seriously I think we’re gonna make people puke. I don’t think I’ve ever heard tones this disgusting sounding”. Can’t wait!

The Virginmarys. Firm favourites in The Moshville Times office, these guys have blown away fans and critics alike with their self produced third album Northern Sun Sessions. Finally recording the album they always wanted to, their shows selling out, these humble guys are at the top of their game! They hit the road in February – do not miss them!


Thank you Editor In Chief, Iain and second in command Music Editor Ross who put up with my terrible lack of IT skills – without your help I couldn’t have continued to grow as a copy editor and dabble in the publishing side of things. But mostly because you’re bloody brilliant and this magazine would be nothing without you!

Thank you to the rest of the team you are a friendly bunch! I’ve loved reading your work, viewing your images and learning from you all.

Thank you to the bands for bringing the music, always.

Thank you readers, without you we are nothing!

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