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Harry Judd – A Varied Career

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British musician, Harry Judd, is probably most famous for being a part of both McFly and later, McBusted. The drummer, who was born in Chelmsford, in the south of England had previously looked like he was going to become a professional cricketer before pursuing his music career. However, in addition to being a musician, Harry had a varied career covering TV and films.

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The Music

He started his professional music career when he appeared in the music video for Busted’s “Crashed the Wedding” back in 2003. This appearance came off the back him being successful in his audition to join the band McFly, a group that Busted also helped to set up. McFly quickly became a big hit, and the band went on tour in 2004, later that year the band were awarded a Guinness World Record for being the youngest group with a debut album to enter the chart and immediately take the number one spot. This World Record had previously been held by the Beatles.

Unlike other musicians, such as Ed Sheeran and the band DUO, who started their careers by busking to raise money and see the public reaction to their sets, Harry didn’t go down this route. Although he was seen busking with fellow McFly band members in 2005 supporting the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Famous McFly songs include Obviously, Star Girl, 5 Colours in Her Hair, I’ll Be OK and All About You, all songs that reached number one in the UK singles charts. The band’s last number one hit came in 2007, just three years after their first. They achieved a total of 7 UK number one songs, spending a combined 8 weeks in the top spot.

In 2013 McFly and Busted joined together to become McBusted for a tour spanning 34 dates. The “supergroup” released an album, also called McBusted, in December of 2014 and three singles between November 2014 and April 2015. The band has not published anything else since.

TV Star

As well as his career as a musician, Harry has also been a contestant on the BBC dance contest TV show, Strictly Come Dancing, including a Children in Need Special, a Christmas Special and the main 2011 contest. Harry’s dance skills propelled him to victory on all three occasions. He has also participated in an “Underwater” version of the TV show as part of the 2012 Sport Relief campaign, but he was beaten by Chelsee Healey.

In addition to this, Harry has made regular appearances on other TV shows. He has appeared on panel shows, such as a 2012 appearance on ITV 2’s Celebrity Juice, and a 2007 appearance on the BBC 2 show Never Mind the Buzzcocks. He has also appeared on celebrity versions of game shows: The Million Pound Drop Live, The Chase and All Star Family Fortunes.

Harry has also made cameo appearances in a number of British TV dramas, such as a 2005 appearance in an episode of the BBC One show Casualty. A short cameo role followed in 2007 on the BBC show Doctor Who and a 2009 appearance in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, where McFly played a version of their hit “Falling in Love” outside a student bar.

Movie Star

In 2010 Harry starred in a short film released by McFly with the name “Nowhere Left to Run”. The main aim of the film was to promote their recently launched album, “Above the Noise”. The film which lasted just 38 minutes was released on the band’s website, and later on DVD. In addition to McFly’s own film, the band, including Harry starred in a 2006 comedy called “Just My Luck” alongside Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine.


Along with his fellow McFly bandmates, Harry supports the Eyes Alight appeal, which fundraises for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, a charity that provides support for those recovering from brain injuries in the United Kingdom. The appeal was setup by Harry’s wife Izzy Judd, who’s brother was seriously injured after a road accident. Izzy’s brother lives in Kent House, a residential centre that provides specialist, continuing rehabilitation to those suffering from an Acquired Brain Injury.

Harry has had a varied career since he entered the spotlight in 2003, spanning the big screen, television, and music. The McBusted supergroup appears to have revived the two original bands for a short period, but nothing new has been released since 2015. It is possible that nothing new will be released any time soon, with Harry reporting that McFly fans were “frustrated” by the McBusted combination

Header image (c)bogdanpo via DeviantArt

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