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Just About Done: band discuss new EP artwork

Aussie pop-unks Just About Done recently announced that their third EP entitled I Am Getting By, will be self-released on 19th October 2018. With the title chosen to convey change, both personally and artistically, vocalist Samantha McGee explains: “The artwork represents this idea of change, which is portrayed throughout the EP and into the trilogy of music videos.”

With a line-up completed by Jack Farnfield and Daniel Sunday on guitar, Joe Considine on bass and Michael March on drums, you may recognise the quintet’s name from the Blink-182 track. Beginning life as a school band, Just About Done reveal that their ambitions lie in bringing the art back into music, with McGee emphasising that they want to be part of the community to push along:

Listening to albums from start to finish; attaching music to memories; really being there in that point in time, listening and watching a performance, rather than watching through a screen. We know it’s possible.

I Am Getting By is self-described as sounding like Violent Soho if you “throw a female singer on top”. Borrowing from early Paramore and The Story So Far they deliver atmosphere and attitude, in three hard-hitting pop-punk doses that brim with enthusiasm and potential. Now McGee is here to give you a deeper insight into the creation of I Am Getting By‘s cover…

For our EP I Am Getting By, we really worked hard and discussed at length how to make everything as cohesive as possible. We wanted our music to be a complete experience for listeners with every element tying together. We decided we had a preference to collaborate with other artists who are not the typical choices for bands in our scene. Mind Society Studios, our directors for the music videos, were the first step. We were the first band they have worked with and this ended up operating so well as it enabled us to create something totally different to what has been done before, and approaching the artwork, we knew we wanted to do the same.

The artist we selected to do the cover piece is Eric Doyle, a tattooist from Washington, DC. We knew he was the man for the job as soon as we stumbled across his Instagram. We wanted a cover that represented our EP in one way or another, and we wanted it in that clean, traditional style. The idea of the cover came from the music videos we had made, as well as the theme of the to be revealed ‘Peacemaker’ (Part 3, the finale of the trilogy). A nurse is seen in this clip, and the theme of the song covers loss of faith. It is very subtle, but the cross on the nurse’s hat has an extended top half, creating an inverted crucifix. We wanted to engage our listeners with more than just our music, which is why we created such an in-depth story through our videos and artwork and we are so proud to have Eric’s art represent the music of our EP I Am Getting By.

Just About Done self-release I Am Getting By On October 19th.

Just About Done: facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify

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