The Most Famous Musicians Who Play Poker

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Though the origins of the game of poker may be somewhat muddy, there’s no denying its widespread appeal to people from all walks of life. Poker doesn’t take a lot of money to play: a deck of cards is all it takes to have some fun. The game is relatively easy to pick up and it’s simple enough for anyone to join in with some simple instruction. The low cost to get started and the simplicity in learning how to play definitely contribute positively to poker’s popularity.

There are many famous people who have a deep love for poker: let’s explore some well-known musicians that can’t get enough of the game.

Scott Ian

One of the most successful musicians turned poker player, Scott Ian of Anthrax, is a relative newcomer in the world of professional poker. Ian’s interest in the game never went beyond that of a hobbyist until VH1’s Rock & Roll Celebrity Tournament, where he beat lifelong poker players from some of rock’s biggest headliners. After Scott’s big win, he decided to develop his natural talent and skill to take on big money events as a pro.

Ian attributes his success in juggling both musical and pro poker player careers to online poker games; online gaming sites like the Betsafe Casino offer a way to play a hand any time of day, no matter where you are.

Jerry Cantrell

Poker games and hard rock have become intertwined to the point of assimilating icons and phrases from poker into the culture of the genre. It should be no surprise that the lead for one of the world’s largest rock bands, Alice in Chains, is a skilled and passionate poker player. Jerry Cantrell has appeared on several televised poker events but can usually be found hosting his own games with other celebrities and legends of rock. Cantrell’s love for the game is so strong that he even opened a bar called Dead Man’s Hand in Las Vegas, named after the mythic hand Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was murdered.

Steve Albini

Though you’ve probably never heard of some of the groups Steve Albini has been part of, it’s almost guaranteed that you have listened to something he has had his hands on. Albini is an accomplished audio engineer and founder of Electrical Audio in Chicago, Illinois, and has worked on more than 1,500 albums for bands both large and small. Some of his most well-known work would be the production of In Utero for Nirvana in 1993.

When Steve isn’t working on making music, though, he’s enjoying a game of poker. Much like other facets of his life, Albini takes poker very seriously and has achieved a very high level of skill. Albini has also appeared in several high-profile tournaments, proving his worth as a poker player.

Poker can be enjoyed by everyone, even the rich and famous. The thrill and excitement that a tense game of cards can have isn’t easily replicated through other forms of entertainment; it’s really no surprise that so many find entertainment in the hobby of poker.

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