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Jimi Hendrix New Album with Unreleased Songs to Be Released in March

Experience Hendrix through Sony’s Legacy Recordings will issue a compilation of a never-released material by the great and late innovator of electric guitar. Jimi Hendrix. The release will be on 9th March.

The album will constitute thirteen tracks, including some previous ten side-cuts that had not been issued by Jimi from 1968 to 1970. The album is coming after two of Hendrix’s top-selling collections that were released back in 2010 and 2013. The first release was Valleys of Neptune, which was at position four on U.S. Album Chart. The second one was People, Hell and Angels that held position one on the same chart.

The Work Is Not Purely a Solo Effort

Like many musicians who make it into the limelight of the entertainment industry, Jimi Hendrix’s work had the input of his power trio, that of Jimi, Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell. He later had a unit band made of Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. The apex of the new release will be two tracks recorded in September 1969 done together with guitarist Stills and a studio recording of an anthem by Joni Mitchell, titled “Woodstock”. The anthem would later be recorded by Stills, Crosby, Young and Nash in 1970, for their second album Deja Vu.

There is another track, “Both Sides of the Sky”, that is significant in the initial full release of a jam done by Hendrix and Winter, the Texas guitarist. They were backed by CSN&Y drummer, Dallas Taylor and Cox. They all took part in the making of “Things I Used to Do” by Guitar Slim. That song was heard previously in 1990 on the radio, albeit in its edited form. It was subsequently featured in the Lifeline boxed set.

The Gipsies Band is also represented in this release. Their eponymous album that they did in September of 1970 will be included here. The album, which was recorded in 1969 by Mannish Boy of Muddy Waters. The band presented this album in a live performance just before the death of Hendrix in that September. The release will present the great tracks of the original threesome featured in 1969. You will find tracks like “Stepping Stone”, “Cherokee Mist”, Hear My Train A Comin”, “Sweet Angel” and “Jungle” in it.

Just like the great entertainment works we find in other areas like playing online and mobile slots at places like Plush Casino, the release of this great music also comes with a family touch. It was co-produced by Janie Hendrix who is now the Experience Hendrix CEO or President. Janie is a dear sister of the great guitarist Jimi. John McDermott who was Hendrix archivist and Eddie Kramer who was the guitarist’s long-time engineer has also been fully involved in the great work of preparing the release. Fans will be able to get Both Sides of the Sky simultaneously digitally, on CD and as a numbered 2-LP set that will be limited. You can’t afford to miss the great experience of the release.

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