How to piss off the venues and press who support you (courtesy of Majik Carpet)

I was in two minds about writing this post as it could affect a bunch of young musicians who just did something silly as the youth are wont to do. I remember doing daft stuff when I was young (vaguely… it was a long time ago), but this is ridiculous.

Bannermans in Edinburgh is a superb venue that supports acts big and small. They’re friendly, welcoming, encouraging, nurturing and helpful. Bands who play there are offered accommodation over the venue as part of their deal, which is a damn fine thing for touring musicians who can actually get a proper bed for a night instead of sleeping in a van.

So imagine the shock and disgust of Bannermans staff when they found the facilities provided trashed by the band Majik Carpet.

The photos speak for themselves, and the band seem to have disappeared off facebook, but some detective work has pulled out their names… which we won’t publish. The band posted an instagram video which someone else saved and put up on YouTube which definitely fingers them as the guilty party.

So venues – if Majik Carpet from Perth approach you looking for a gig, you know what to expect. I’d not take them on, and we’ll endeavour to do our small part here by never covering them and attempting to avoid any bands that the members end up in. We’ve made a note of the names and will check. Let this also be a warning to other bands who think it’s fun to trash venues. Ours is a close-knit community and word will get round very quickly.

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February 8, 2018 9:45 PM

Animals! Disgusting behaviour.