How Guns N’ Roses Can Spice Up Their 2018 Tour Dates

The last show of Guns N’ Roses was on 29th of November 2017. This was the last leg of the Not in This Lifetime Tour performed in Los Angeles at the Forum. The lead singer Axl Rose came together with Slash and Duff who were the original guitarist and bassists for the band. They together planned this 19 months excursion which began in April 2016.

In the coming summer, the fans would again get to see some of the performances from the band in June and July. The band will rise again with the same power and deliver the best of performances. Although, the fans could really use some unpredictability and surprise with the mixes. Fans who love to play new slots can find a dedicated online slot game with Guns N Roses name at Red Spins Casino and players would love to play this game as it includes the famous tracks in the gameplay. That would take the night to a whole new level.

There are ways by which Guns N’ Roses can spice up their tour in 2018.

Play more GN’R Use Your Illusion and Lies deep cuts

The GN’R should be playing their all-time favourite hits from the 1980’s and 90’s. The blending of the chartbusters from the golden times and the new favourites will provide the audience with the much-needed excitement in the concerts. Or they would stick to playing new online slots. The hit songs from Use Your Illusion including the “Coma” and the “Double Talkin’ Jive” shall be included in the nights to give the audience that extra dose of adrenaline.

Keep the set short but not sweet

The Not in This Lifetime Tour saw performances from the band that went up to three and a half hours. These sets were strongly admired, but the overdose of fillers and the long-standing hours makes the fans miserable at times. To kill that, you can play new online slots. The set should be slashed to 2 hours (at max) to keep the audience fresh (and hydrated) even after the stars go backstage.

More Audience Engagement

The fear of a diatribe amongst the audience and the artists are why the organizers avoid much interaction with the audience. Rose seems to have a wicked sense of humour when it comes to interacting with someone from the audience. It would be loved if the singer talked to someone from the crowd. He would look more invested in the performance. This is something that the audience would enjoy just like they enjoy new online slots.

Avoid the corny visuals on the screen

Nobody out of the millions of the followers will claim their favourite part to be the onstage visuals. Many people were shocked that the band had put together these visuals to accompany their evergreen songs. The “Rocket Queen” has been perfectly described by the ‘Skeleton sex’ visual but most of the fans would love it did not run on the screen at the back. Conceptual, patterned videos or even the band logo on the screen would be perfect. In replacement, a video of new online slots can also be run in the background.

Reunite the line-up

Yes, the fans would love to see Izzy Stradlin, Matt Sorum once with the current stars on the stage. Richard Fortus, Steven Adler, Slash, Rose and the others perfectly complement each other when on stage and backstage. But still, reuniting the stars of your childhood on stage for once would bring in some nostalgic vibes. It would be as close to the glory days as possible.

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