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Celebrate Jimi Hendrix festival at Folkestone

Folkestone hosts a new Music Festival in town. This festival is solely dedicated to honour a music legend, Jimi Hendrix. He had great links with this town. Jim made frequent visits to the town. He loved to visit the clubs and enjoy drinking and playing within. He made up for the entertainment with his wonderful music back then.

In 1966, the Jimi Hendrix Experience had come out with one of its early gigs. They played this in Folkestone and it was as enjoyable. The Bassist of the band was from Folkestone. He, Noel Redding, and the band had strong links with the town.

About the Festival

The dates of the festival are from 23rd November to 26th November. This festival would be hosted at several venues. The organizing committee for the event is a new group by the name of Folkestone Music Town. The group has taken it upon themselves to promote their town- Folkestone as a tourist attraction for music lovers. The town also has some good casinos to try out some slots and table games. Jimi Hendrix fans can try playing slot games available at top bingo sites for their day to day entertainment.

Folkestone Music Town

The parent company of Folkestone Music Town is Found in Music. Nina Clark from the company claimed that the local community is really looking forward to the event. Various talented musicians and singers from all over the town are getting involved in the festival. The local merchants have started making merchandise for the theme and there are also themed online slots to capture the glory of this festival.

The date marked 27th November would have been Jimi Hendrix’s 75th birthday. This date also embarks the release of the band’s first album 50 years ago.

About the Band

On New Year’s Eve in 1966, the band played at The Hillside Club in Grace Hill. Soon after that, the entire band visited Folkestone town. A few months later, the band came up with their debut album. The very popular song of the band, Fire, was based on their visit to the town. The song had mention of the singer visiting his mom in Seabrook before coming up with the song. “Fire” also had mention of Jimi’s dog, Rover, who came in the way just before the singer was leaving. The lyrics go “Move over Rover, let Jimi take over”.

The Music Festival is scheduled to begin on the 23rd of November. To honour the spirit of the singer, the entry is kept free for the visitors. “Freak Flag” is supposed to recapture the spirit of the experience provided by Jimi Hendrix. Next up is a night dedicated to talking about Jimi and is called “Let’s Talk About Jimi”. The venue for the same would be The Space Bar and Gallery. More venues include The Lime Bar, The Leas Cliff Hall and the Rum Clinic. The festival is expected to be one of a kind. Take a break from playing online slots at Sailor Bingo and experience this festival.

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