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Jimi Hendrix – All You Need to Know about this American Musician

The meteoric rise of Jimi Hendrix was nothing short of a miracle in the music world. In these four years, this man broke all traditional conventions and showed the world the amazing possibilities of music that can be created on the electric guitar. The recently launched Jimi Hendrix online slots game in his honour is yet another proof of the fact that his fame continues to live on in the hearts of music lovers. The music created by this legend continues to inspire guitar players and motivates them to experiment beyond the norms of traditional music.

Stylish online slots game: True to the legend’s legacy

Jimi Hendrix was always known to test his limits. He was never contented with the hits and the records that he had sold. He was always on a quest to create more interesting music that would push him to his limits. ‘Hey, Joe’ was the first hit number from him that went on to top the charts for weeks. It was followed by many more hits, and Jimi Hendrix soon became a legend in the music world. You will be transported to a virtual music world when you play the Jimi Hendrix online slots game at the most famous UK online casino called Vegas Mobile Casino.

Online slots feature Purple haze and Crosstown traffic

Rock and heavy metal music lovers can never get over the Purple Haze and Crosstown traffic, these were the Jimi Hendrix records that went on to top the music charts for weeks on end. While you enjoy playing the online slots game at the Vegas Mobile Casino, these two famous records from Jimi Hendrix will keep giving you free spins as you play along and await the luck to shine on you. The special features in the game are named after the famous records from Jimi Hendrix. Enjoy the legend’s music on every turn and twist in your game.

Style, music, and action all packed into one online slots game

Jimi Hendrix was all about style and action. His twists and turns on the electronic guitar that took the high-end sound to a different platform were second to none. The experiments with his guitar brought out inspiring music that the rock music audience had never heard before. He went on to top all the others of his time who were famed to be music demigods at that time. The Jimi Hendrix online slots game has all these features loaded into it and much more.

Jimi Hendrix is most remembered for the classics that he created with his electric guitar. However, an often-forgotten fact is that his experiments with the electric guitar paved the way for a new breed of music that was unheard of in those times. The message that this legendary musician leaves behind to the future generation are that they should never be afraid of breaking conventions and experimenting. Only when you try, will you know as to what lies beyond in store for you.

Header image: Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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