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Examples of Online Casino Rock and Roll Games

People who have a real passion for playing at online casinos cannot help but love rock and roll. Their adventurous spirit and style are just the things which motivate the lovers of this style of game. There are several choices out there in this genre, which quality company software and uplifting rock and roll music. These games usually offer a variety of musical instrument symbols such as guitars, drums, and harmonicas.

Rock ‘n’ Roller

This simplistic game is easy for everyone to play. It is simple to understand, even for someone new at online casino games. Plus, all of the combinations possible are represented on the interface. Players also love the musical theme, and reminds many of the era from when they were born.

Rock On Slot

This electrifying and amazing slot machine game has a main theme of rock bands plus everything to do with rock and roll. Anyone who loves rock will really enjoy this high-voltage slot machine game. The graphics are captivating and the spins are fast-paced, with a lovely payout if the player can manage to land on some Fenders. This game can be played for fun or real money. It is a good idea to play it first to get a feel for the game. Anyone who loves guitar will quickly become enamored with this game.

Rock On! has a great layout which consists of icons for a drum set and various guitars. It also has icons for hand signals for I love you and peace, which are commonly seen used by rock and roll stars. Players also can see icons for some legends of rock such as Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Axl Rose and Kiss. Plus, the game has a dedicated icon for a Beatles member, a punk rock member, and a female rocker. It is a very detailed game which is pleasing to the eye.

Rock Star 3D Slot

This is an amazingly realistic video slot game, with pounding drums and thumping bass. It all combines with graphics which are life-like and that any music lover is sure to really enjoy. Players have plenty of opportunity for free spins with the five pay lines and 30 reels in the game. You can play free slots for fun, or cash in for real when you play with real money.

It has a theme that is sure to please, combining shredding guitars with fireworks, groupies, and long-haired front man. The only thing that is missing here is the smell of smoke in the air.

The symbols in this game are the epitome of rock-n-roll. You’ll see hot guitars, rock stars swigging whiskey, platinum and gold albums, VIP passes, and sexy groupies. You can also keep an eye out for concert tickets, whiskey bottles, and the elusive recording contract, as these symbols trigger the bonus.

Rock & Roll Online Slots

This game has nine pay-lines and 5 reels. Multi-coin configurations are supported, which allows you to bet more than one coin on each line. You can also change the denomination of the game yourself.

Jukeboxes, Cadillac’s, guitars, and oxfords serve as a reminder in this game of the way it used to be when Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll. Fans of this genre will really enjoy the graphics and symbolic represented on this game. Plus, if you can get 5 Elvis symbols on a maximum bet, you could win twenty thousand dollars.

The jitterbug dancers are wild and stand as substitutes for any symbol, including scatters and they only appear on the 1st, 3rd, or 5th reel. The spinning records represent the scatter symbols of this game, ad trigger the free spin bonus feather. The wild symbol counts as a scatter as well when two other scatter symbols are present.

Rock and Roll theme only casino games are fun for everyone who loves this genre of music. They have fun symbols throughout them, and it is easy to sign up to play, as most online casinos offer a new player online welcome bonus. You can try out many games first before committing to playing with real money, or just enjoy the fun of playing for free.

Header image by Jon Rubin (Flickr). Used under license Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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