2017 Crew Review – Beze, writer/reviewer

I’ll stick to my trademark short and sweet (mmm…) style, but for me 2017 has been just that – short (must be an age thing) and sweet in terms of some great releases and gigs to tempt even the most ancient of hermits from their caves…

Best New Album: Memoriam – For The Fallen.

Following the sorrow after the end of Bolt Thrower came the joy of the resurrection through Memoriam. Quite simply a breathtaking debut. Read the full review.

Best New Band I Discovered: Not really a new band but thanks to my Moshville buddy and fellow death head Ricky I finally checked out French legends Mercyless. Their magnum opus Coloured Funeral left me in awe and also wondering why the hell I hadn’t checked them out back in the day, cheers Ricky!

Best Live Show:  A tough one given some of the great names that toured the UK this past year but top slot has to be the mighty Gojira at the O2 ABC in Glasgow. These guys truly deserve the title of legends and their live shows attest to this – simply awesome. Honourable mention also has to go to Napalm Death, Brujeria, Power Trip and Lock Up at the Classic Grand in Glasgow, surely a line-up never to be repeated?

Best Thing That Happened: A decent Morbid Angel album after well… the last one. Oh, and Bloodbath announcing that they are entering the studio in Jan 2018!

Worst Thing That Happened:  Sadly so many legends lost in 2017 but Chris Cornell passing was a tough one to take.

Overall View of the Year:  A great year for both new releases and live shows and I continued to delve into the depths of the underground crypt courtesy of the Moshville Times family. There really are some exceptional bands out there quietly plying their trades and deserved of a break. On a personal note, my lengthy attempts to convert my non-believing family to the dark arts finally bore fruit. Taking my eight year old son to see Iron Maiden and my long suffering wife to Metallica were worth the wait, and you know what? I think they liked it… we may have turned a corner.

Most Looking Forward To In 2018:  Looks to be an even better year than 2017 what with new albums from At the Gates, Carcass, and Bloodbath, and some awesome looking live line-ups announced already – Gojira headlining Bloodstock, Bloodbath at Lords of the Land and Carcass at Heavy Scotland, not to mention death metal legends Pestilence planning to take us back to the halycon early nineties.  Just a wee bit excited then!

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