EXCLUSIVE track by track: Scream Serenity – Eye of The Storm

Scream Serenity are an accomplished hard-rock quartet hailing from the Suffolk plains. Tugging from the inspirational powers of Alter Bridge, Shinedown and Stone Sour, the emerging rock crew despatch stout riffs and engulfing melodies to devastating effect. On Friday 1st December, Scream Serenity reveal their stunning debut album, Eye of The Storm, which drops via 3Ms Music.

Resting their weary fingers and vocal cords after the recording process ended, the band took time out to tell us a little about each of the ten tracks to be found on Eye of the Storm

1. The Best of The Worst – The album starts with this track about being in a manipulative relationship where the person feels oppressed until the manipulator in the relationship starts to see they’ve done wrong.

2. Good Business – Next is our current single and it’s all about the trials and tribulations of the music industry; instant fame/success seems to be praised by the public more than bands who work hard to get where they are. It also highlights some of the more dishonest things that can happen within the industry, false promises, etc. We also made a video for the track, which you can see below.

3. Save Yourself – This one is a song about someone who slowly loses their mind through illness and turns on the ones they love, instructing them to “Save Yourself”.

4. Run Away – This song talks about being in a relationship where one person can’t deal with confrontation or arguments and buries their head in the sand to the problems, instead of dealing with them head on.

5. Eye of The Storm – The album’s namesake, this song brings up issues with finding solace in a special person in your life who you can hold on to, when everything around you seems to be falling apart, whether from personal issues like anxiety or world events like war or natural disasters.

6. Enough – A track discussing and concentrating on current affairs in the world – terrorism, religion, race hate and politics.

7. Better Off – This song is all about that person who enters your life who you wished never had, but in the end, they help to redefine you as a person.

8. Nowhere Town – We live in out in the plains and sometimes you can feel a bit cut off. “Nowhere Town” talks about feeling like a product of being from a small town and feeling like you’re trapped there with no escape.

9. Waiting For The Answers – As the album draws in, we talk about politics and the revolution that’s needed within politics through a public/citizen uprising.

10. Rest (After The Storm) – The last track on the album discusses making the journey to (re)building a life with the person who stuck by you after the worst events in your life have past.

Scream Serenity: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | youtube

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