Track-by-Track: Twisted Illusion – Insight To The Mind Of A Million Faces

Twisted Illusion, a one-man act led by Matt Jones, have an album about to drop. Insight to the Mind of a Million Faces should be hitting shelves on September 22nd. In the run-up, Matt kindly stepped through each of the eleven songs on it to tell us a little about them.

1. “Reflections” – A concoction of Rush inspired rhythmic flirtation. A melodic journey through a myriad of moods and feelings. Reflections is a song about acceptance of your place in life and where you fit into it all.

2. “Worlds Apart” – This song is a fiery number bursting with angst and distaste to the people around me. I wrote it with nothing in mind but fury. I must have had a bad day.

3. “The Problem With Eternity” – This is the poppiest cut from the album and my personal favourite. I think it’s the most melodically exciting song on the album and it’s reminiscent of a mix of Jeff Buckley and Queen, at least that was my attempt.

4. “I Wish I Was There” – I wanted a song that had a really huge riff at the core of it, in the vein that Led Zep would use a riff. This song was inspired by two songs. “Kashmir” by Zep and “Holy Lamb” by Yes. I just made a big combination of the two and the result was “I Wish I Was There”.

5. “Textbook Tyranny” – This song I feel really represents the TI sound. It has everything in this song. Big harmonies. Great, bold riffs, interesting rhythms, a huge chorus, a big solo and an epic bridge section. I wrote this song about a horrific experience having to sign on.

6. “Social Paradox” –  A haunting acoustic style number with an explosive chorus and solo section in the middle. The song is about what people will do to get where they feel they should be and a look at social constructs.

7. “Three Strangers” – An incredibly personal song about finding my brothers after 24 years. The song was written as it was recorded.

8. “Nobody’s Child” –  The oldest song on the album, this was on an original demo but we decided to re record it. I feel it’s one of the strongest songs in our catalogue. Again a very personal song about the relationship with my estranged mother.

9. “Different Light” – This song was the only song that was co-written on the whole record. It was a mix of some varying styles and I feel it created one of the most original sounding songs on the album.

10. “Insight” –  The 28 minute song was just literally a challenge to myself. Can I write a song that is a monumental in length and still maintains interest? It went through a lot of editing and changes but I am very happy with the finished product.

11. “Discovery” – Discovery is the perfect ending song to an album, I wrote it with “The Spirit Carries On” in mind by Dream Theater and Coheed and Cambria’s “Final Cut”. It was a definite nod to those inspirations but I also think it’s the best chorus I have ever written.

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