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The Foo Fighters Arms grand opening (London, 14th Sept 2017)

Foo Fighters have taken over a pub in East London for one week only to celebrate the release of their ninth studio album Concrete and Gold. Katie and Danni selflessly went along on Thursday night to check it out. Can we demand that the next band to come up with an idea like this does it in Glasgow so the Editor in Chief can go for once? Ta. Anyway…

(c) Katie Frost Photography

The Dundee Arms in Bethnal Green has been temporarily re-named The Foo Fighters Arms and meticulously decorated with Foo Fighters logos and memorabilia to celebrate the launch of the band’s latest album Concrete and Gold, released on 15 September. Thursday night was the press / fan launch of the pub, giving those lucky enough to gain entry the chance to hear the new album being played on loop over the speakers a full day before its release. From what we could make out over the excited rumblings of a pub full of fans, Concrete and Gold is another solid record from the popular American rock band, and is sure to be a success.

The take-over of the pub has been very well thought-out, with Foo Fighters beers on tap (including a pale ale and amber ale) and exclusive merchandise on sale throughout the week; everything from t-shirts, keyrings and pint glasses to a china tea-set adorned with images of the band. Considering the captive audience and hype I felt that the merchandise was reasonably priced (£20 for a t-shirt), but if you are a bit low on cash you can try to get your hands on some of the exclusive FF beer mats, featuring a series of the band’s album covers on the reverse, and The Foo Fighters Arms logo on the front. Available at the discretion of the bar-staff while stocks last.

It was lovely to see a pub-full of Foo Fighters fans having the time of their lives as they chatting to each-other about their love for the band, what they had bought from the merch shop on the first floor, which of the beer mats they needed to acquire in order to complete their set, and occasionally bursting into song as hit single “Run” came over the speakers.

A series of events are being held at the pub over the next few days, including a Foo Fighters themed quiz on Monday night. For more details head to the pub’s website. The Foo Fighters Arms can be found at 339 Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2 9LH. I would recommend getting there early to get the best chance of gaining entry, as I suspect this will be very popular and they seem to operate a one-in-one-out policy during busy times.

Foo Fighters play The O2 Arena in London on 19 September before heading back to the US for a headline tour to promote the album.

Concrete and Gold is available in [amazon text=all the usual formats&asin=B071XF835W].

Photos by Katie Frost Photography (on her mobile phone for that authentic “in a pub” look!)

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