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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Track-By-Track: Dream Awake – Don’t Hold Your Breath EXCLUSIVE

Formidable melodic metalcore outfit Dream Awake release their stunning sophomore EP Don’t Hold Your Breath, on Friday 18th August. For this upcoming EP, Dream Awake went to work with highly regarded producer Daniel Kerr, of Avenue Studios (Our Hollow Our Home, Create To Inspire, Shields). The release features five engrossing cuts and a guest appearance from Wes Thompson of Napoleon.

The band kindly drafted us some notes on each of the tracks…

“The Weathering” is an expansive opening track to the EP. It discusses how life is a storm we have to weather and how the things that bring us down should never make us give up. The feature of Wes Thompson (Napoleon) and choir towards the end of the track epitomise its emotion with the delivery of the vocals.

“Mind’s Eye” is a song to get the listener off their feet. Tasteful sweeping riffs combined with the chugging breakdowns and a singalong chorus makes it the most upbeat track on the EP. This is contrasting to the lyrics which reflect on the demons that drag us down. There is, however, a sense of hope and serenity that makes us feel like we can escape it.

“Cataclysm” is a metaphor for the planet that the human race is destroying. It reflects on nature and politics and how if we don’t change our ways, we will all suffer the consequences. It is a call for peace in a negative world and the musical style of the track gives the impact that the importance of this issue deserves.

“T.O.D”, an abbreviation for Time Of Death, realises the idea that in the grand scheme of life, we are not on this earth for a very long time and we should make the most of it while we are alive. It relates to both sides of companionship, hope and opportunity. Musically, “T.O.D” is simply a heavy track. The feature of Christina Rotondo brings an elegance to the song before it closes into a huge dissonant breakdown.

“Heavy Heart” embraces every aspect of our band into one track. It contains emotion, tranquility, technicality and ambience within a heavy song. All while depicting the feeling of anxiety through its sound and delivery. It displays our ideal of creating music that the listener can feel, understand and relate to.

Don’t Hold Your Breath is out on 18th August. You can pre-order it on CD via the band’s website or digitally through iTunes.

Dream Awake: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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