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Wildfire Band Profile – Monkey Puzzle

In case you didn’t know (get out from under that rock!) we’re hosting a third stage at Wildfire this year on the Saturday and Sunday. Just to make sure you know what mouthwatering musical delights are heading your way, we’ll be featuring a profile of each of “our” bands in the runup!

Wildfire is held at Wiston Lodge, about 30 mins south of Glasgow, from June 23rd to 25th and tickets can be purchased from the official website.

Name: Monkey Puzzle

From: Glasgow

Playing: Sunday, 11:00 (openers)

Monkey Puzzle are a rapcore / nu-metal quartet from Glasgow, who came first in the 2014 Battle of the Bands at Glasgow University’s Queen Margaret Union. They describe their sound as “neck snapping beats, catchy riffing and foul language all in one neat little package”. More importantly, they’re fun. If there’s a band to wake your sorry hungover corpse up on a Sunday morning and get you grinning and banging your head like a loon, they are it. Lucky you – that’s exactly their job on the Sunday morning!

To get an idea of what to expect from their set at Wildfire Festival, you can listen to their five-track 2016 EP Suck Macaque over on Bandcamp. They’re also another former Band of the Day, so there’s plenty more (probably woefully out of date!) stuff about them to read, too.

Monkey Puzzle: facebook | instagrambandcamp | youtube

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