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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Triverse Massacre – track-by-track of new EP “Hades”

Born out of Carlisle, and formed in 2010, Triverse Massacre are starting to assemble a loyal troop of fans. The band’s debut EP, In The Jaws Of Deceit, was released to great response within the metal underground community, drawing glowing comparisons to At The Gates and Lamb Of God. Their follow up, With Bared Teeth and Truths, offered four slabs of pit-starting, abrasive metal.

Now, Triverse Massacre will unleash the fires of Hades on May 26th. The band took some time out to draft us up a brief overview of the EP…

We based this record on the five rivers of Hades. Each song has a slightly different feel and lyrical theme to reflect what the different rivers represent.

Cocytus: river of lamentation

We wanted to start the record with a big introduction, Using lots of orchestral and choral keyboards as well as a spoken word section to give off an almost cinematic feel, before the heavy guitar and drum section.

Styx:  river of hate

Styx is the angriest song on the EP which is fitting as it’s based on the river of hate and a perfect way to kick things off, starting with a huge call to arms vocal before going into a full on thrash assault. The bridge section veers off into orchestral black metal territory.

Acheron:  river of woe

Acheron has some of the most intense riffing on the EP along with a huge chorus that’s guaranteed to have anyone listening to it banging their head along with it.

Lethe:  river of forgetfulness

Lethe is modern death metal through and through. A super tight drum intro before descending into a mass of tremolo picked guitars and guttural vocals, this track has a slightly slower darker feel in parts with some evil minor key guitar melodies but holds absolutely nothing back.

Phlegathon:  river of fire

Phlegathon was the first song we wrote for this EP and really set the tone for how the rest of it would sound. Having elements of Swedish melo-death as well as black metal influences and another massive chorus, we felt this is was the best way to end the EP.

Triverse Massacre: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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