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Patent Pending – Other People’s Greatest Hits track-by-track (Part 2)

Party punkers Patent Pending are set to release their ten-track covers LP via Rude Records on 26th May. Known for their reworkings in a live setting, this time around they decided to commit the tracks to an album, to give fans something to really dance to. Although already streaming four of the tracks, ahead of the album’s full unveiling, vocalist Joe is here to give you a track by track lowdown. Missed part one? It’s only a mouse-click away

6. Livin’ La Vida Loca – originally by Ricky Martin: This song is awesome. Plain and simple. It has always reminded me of a ska-punk song with less distortion. It just moves and the minor tone gives it a cool feel. We were excited to cover this song. Ricky Martin is a badass dude!

7. All Time Low – originally by Jon Bellion: Of all the songs we chose for this cover album, this one has to be the oddest choice. The original performer, Jon Bellion, is the only artist in the bunch that isn’t an internationally known act (yet) and it’s the only song that has yet to be a massive international hit by the original performer. This song is near and dear to my heart and a choice that I fought for due to a couple of different reasons. One: It’s an incredible song! I became obsessed with the original version the first time I heard it! It’s a fresh and innovative take on modern pop music and I was floored by the melodies and production choices. Two: He’s a hometown hero! He grew up and went to high school no more than 10 minutes away from our home base on Long Island, New York and it makes us so proud to see our hometown musicians innovating the way music is being made on a major label scale. Three: I got a chance to see him perform for the first time just as this project started to take shape for us and no joke, he’s one of the top five best performers I’ve ever seen in my life. This cover is definitely a tribute to Jon Bellion’s genius and inspiring musical abilities.

8. Mr Brightside – originally by The Killers: This song has always been a favourite of all of ours. The Killers are one of the last true rock bands out nowadays. No nonsense, just catchy and gritty indie-rock music. It’s almost impossible to hear the original version of this song and not have it stuck in your head for the rest of the day. We put a slightly heavier spin on it and it was a blast to record.

9. Shape Of You – originally by Ed Sheeran: Say what you will about Ed Sheeran, but I’ve been a huge fan of his music since 2011. We thought it would be cool to put a bit of a rock spin on this pop jam that is breaking records on radio and streaming sites every single day. Huge fan of his songwriting process and the approach that he takes to touring and releasing music. This was a fun one to record for sure.

10. See You Again – originally by Miley Cyrus: MILEY CYRUS, DAMN IT! This song was our jam in our tour van back in 2007. It always sounded like a pop-punk song to us. Reminiscent of Good Charlotte circa the Good Morning Revival era, this song has always had a “Fuck Yeah” vibe to it.

Other People’s Greatest Hits is out on May 26th

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