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Creeper – A love affair

It’s a dream when a band comes along and stands out and creates such a shock-wave in the industry. Southampton horror punks Creeper are the act which have supremely picked off the blackness and have revealed an eloquent, promise-studded underlay. They’re truly monumental in their deliverance, with debut record Eternity, In Your Arms a calling, a masterstroke of purpose and emotion.

It all started with a few EPs and then the band struck gold by displaying such eagerness and creativity when developing a record that has caused such hysteria. The mania is healthy though, with many fans joining the cult and following a worthy craze. Everything Creeper have created has been arresting and original, and with their first EP The Callous Heart in 2015, the band showcased a blistering, volatile sound which connected the dots of sustainability. They’re now a mainstay, a dark edged, fearless group of musicians breaking new grounds, captivating the eager hearts and disenchanted travellers.

Eternity, In Your Arms has grabbed the spotlight. It is a wonderful punk record with masses of flair and colossal choruses built to electrify the mind-set. It tells stories, it crafts fables, and it mends broken ties. There’s so much to love, there’s so much to take in. And we can all compare the band’s debut to the giant that was The Black Parade (My Chemical Romance). It does create the same spark and urgency, a totally viable sound and direction. But, does Eternity, In Your Arms have a more focused narrative? Does it mark the same sentimental dream? Well, there will be people who will overthrow the fiery statement. There will be fans of The Black Parade who will hold the hallowed album to their chests, signalling a war. They are entitled to their opinions. But, let’s get back to why Creeper’s debut album is a fantastical, ambitious tour de force.

It’s a punchy and raw compendium masterfully put together, flawless in its enchanting delivery. From the opener “Black Rain” to the sombre noteworthy “I Choose To Live”, it all works, dripping with an infectious magic. Lead singer Will Gould sings with a sneer, purposefully bellowing out his hurt encased lyrics. He’s a star and so are the other members of the band, so talented, so polite.

There’s a song on the record showcasing emotional turbulence. “Crickets” is a track which will bring tears to many eyes. It’s a contribution of magnitude and meaning, featuring vocals from keyboardist Hannah Greenwood. She’s beautifully added a subtle slant to the record, managing to get an atmospheric tinge. And with Creeper experts at developing superior narration throughout their music, it’s a treat to dissect. The storytelling is fundamental and they’ve certainly provoked many to start listening.

It’s time for me to get a little personal. I love Creeper because they’re a band of true musicians who care for their art. Their ethos is admirable and they’re truly rooted in creating sublime music. The debut album is masterful and I can’t stop listening. I struggle to turn it off. They’ve got me hooked in, they’ve altered my horizons.

Punk rock has had a face-lift…

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