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Track-by-Track: Everyday Sidekicks – Hope

UK hardcore group Everyday Sidekicks are out to prove that they’re not a one-trick pony. Their upcoming release, Hope, has a sound which has evolved from their previous EP, The Things I’ve Seen, rather than simply repeated it. The band’s diverse musical style sees them performing harmonious, clean melodies, while also throwing in some seriously heavy, slamming guitars. Everyday Sidekicks were kind enough to give us a run-down of the forthcoming EP, and what we can expect from it.

1) Glass House: This song kicks in straight away and is an energetic start to the EP. We wanted the fans to have something fast right from the start. We are really happy with how the chorus turned out on this one. It’s uplifting and sounds huge live, which is great for the crowd to move to and really get into it. Lyrically, this was one of my favourites to write. It’s a song about not being able to move past someone who meant a lot to you, and just being hung up on your past mistakes. It comes from personal experiences and really means a lot to me.

2) Bury Your Friends: This was the first song written for the EP and is my favourite. It has a great balance of heavy and clean so there’s something for everyone! I’m really happy with the outro as it’s a bit different for us. It has a nice soft delivery which really let Archie get some cool simple vocals over. I wrote “Bury Your Friends” when one of my closest friends sadly took his own life. I’d known him since I was 3 years old, and he was one of my first true friends when I was a child. He had a lot of pressure on him growing up and I feel like the weight of it all on top of him just pushed him in the wrong direction.

3) Fracture: “Fracture” was a big turning point for us in our music as it showed a much more technical side of our sound. It really helped us find our new area of music and pushed us more than our previous tracks had. Whilst writing our music, we tend to focus a lot on how people would react in a live space. It really helps us get a feel for the energy behind the songs! The lyrics for fracture came to me just through being in the music scene. You find a lot of bands seem to be getting places just on image alone nowadays, and it really brings hard-working bands down. Image should never define the music industry.

4) Lacuna: I’m really happy with how this interlude turned out. I love atmospheric/ambient tracks and I feel this song gives the listeners a nice break before kicking back in with the mayhem of “Business Secrets of the Pharaohs”. Tom Searle (Architects) was a big inspiration for this track as he always wrote great interlude tracks for Architects, starting very spacious, leading into a big, uplifting end. It’s meant to tell a story and everyone has a slightly different take on it. Close your eyes for this one!

5) Business Secrets of the Pharaohs: This was the last song I wrote for the EP. We really wanted to have a heavy song to close the EP and something people could really move to live. I had a lot of unused riffs that didn’t quite fit the other songs, so thought I’d put them all together to make this madness. We all love Peep Show so thought this would be a great name for the track! I wrote the lyrics to “Business Secrets of the Pharaohs” about the state of affairs at the time. The world at the moment just shows people dying in other people’s wars. Everyone is so greedy and money hungry that they would use someone else’s life to get what they need. I’m very anti-war, and I believe it doesn’t solve problems, it just creates more issues to address. The only way we will step towards a better life is to work together.

Hope is released on March 31st and will be available via their bandcamp.

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