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A Goth’s Guide to Dark Fashion

The gothic style is not just a collection of black clothes and heavy makeup. Like most phenomenons, the gothic style is a selection of different sub-genres and the trends in each evolve and change as time goes by. What is the dark fashion style all about and how can you dress up like a Goth in today’s world?

Gothic girl

The evolution of gothic fashion

The sub-culture began in England in the 1980s, as the punk culture started to wane. The term has its roots in German culture as well, which is also why there has been plenty of influence of gothic romanticism in the fashion scene.

In terms of the clothing, the early gothic culture was heavily influenced by the punk movement; together with Victorian and renaissance style fashion. Dark colours, such as black, were heavily included in the style. The early styles were influenced by the music genres of rock and punk. This style also applied vampire element with capes and corsets being at the top of the trends to wear. In the 90s, the trends started to add elements that are more futuristic as well, with industrial and cyber styles adding more flair to the gothic fashion.

The new era of gothic clothing

The new era of gothic clothing has continued to adopt elements from other genres and cultures. One of the most popular trends of the day includes the adoption of Japanese styles – vibrant colours have found their way next to black.

Another new trend arrival to this trend is steampunk, which to old-fashioned Goths might seem far away from the early fashion trends. The steampunk still has roots in the Victorian era. Rather than focusing on the romantic side of the era, steampunk Goths are all about science and exploration. In a way, steampunk is very much a roleplaying look unlike some other gothic fashion styles.

The biggest modern brands for gothic style

Finding gothic style isn’t as difficult anymore as it was back in the 1980s. Even your average fashion retailers have started using these trends as part of their line-up. You can also find specialised retailers like corset makers and vintage sellers online. Ordering from brands like Drop Dead, Disturbia and Kate’s Clothing is neither hard nor expensive. You can find plenty of gothic-inspired clothing retailers from, for example.

The best gothic signature styles

If you are looking for signature gothic styles, you have plenty of inspiring people to look up to. Some of the best styles and role models include:

  • Nik Fiend from Alien Sex Fiend
  • Morticia Adams from the Adams Family
  • Brett Banning from Synthetic Dream Foundation
  • Charlotte Free
  • Terrorcat
  • Peter Spilles from Project Pitchfork

Gothic fashion is as varied as any other fashion genre and culture. It has borrowed from other cultures and evolved throughout the years beyond just heavy makeup and black clothing. If you are looking for a vibrant way to dress up, then the gothic genre offers plenty of exciting options.

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This is the shittiest article. First up, it’s goth, not gothic, if you’re talking about the subculture (and it’s ‘subculture’, not ‘sub-culture’). Second, the most important part of goth is music, not fashion. Fashion is secondary. Third, there are no ‘subgenres’ of goth when it comes to the subculture or its fashion. Fourth, those websites are rubbish – no self-respecting goth would shop there or wear the clothes/brands that they sell.