Track-by-track: Sertraline – Guilty

Fans of Halestorm and Periphery rejoice, this track-by-track is for you: Sertraline. The British quartet’s upcoming EP, Guilty, is packed full of technical riffs, deep growls, and harmonic singing, creating a melodic metalcore sound you’d be a fool to miss out on. We’ve encountered the band live before, too, so we’re hoping the EP can capture their on-stage energy. Here follows the band’s own take on Guilty.

The title track, “Guilty”, is an angry start to the record. The track is reminiscent of “Dead Set”, the initial track from Sertraline’s previous EP, only this time everything happens faster and fiercer. The lyrical core of “Guilty” is about the conscious decisions made by human beings; our regrets, mistakes, and why we lie.

“Snakes” took the longest to write out of all the tracks on the EP. It quite simply describes an act of betrayal. Contrasting vocal styles throughout represent the clash of right and wrong, literally vocalising the underlying theme of Guilty. It will make its live debut on the forthcoming tour; definitely one to watch out for!

“Change of Heart” is the plot twist in the story. The literal and musical center. As soon as we heard it in the studio, we knew that it was going to be the first release from this EP. It’s catchy with heavy drops and totally sums up the direction we’re heading in. It has a very relatable message of feeling let down and used, which most people have come across in their lifetime.

“Nyeevise” is the oldest of the tracks, but being one of the final songs to be completed. It’s for everyone who over-thinks: we’re all responsible for heightening emotions in our own heads, questioning everything and wondering when we’ll move on. This song has both the reflection and the determination to leave the past where it belongs.

The final track, “I Admit The Blame” is a very expressive song and an emotional outpouring in terms of lyrics and instrumental parts. Sertraline were able to strip back to basics, create an intense atmosphere, and watch it build. This could arguably be the simplest track in terms of what lies beneath the lyrics; it’s straight up and honest. It’s an extremely satisfying song to listen to.

Sertraline are certainly a band who know how to write songs that you can’t help but bang your head to. Make sure to check out the band’s upcoming EP; Guilty.

Sertraline: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | youtube

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