EXCLUSIVE: UK premiere of Grand Sounds compilation inc. Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ (c) Will Tudor Photography

Grand Sounds is one of many promotional companies we deal with and they specialise in the darker, heavier, more evil side of the metal spectrum. They’ve just released their seventh digital sampler, featuring sixteen acts from their roster and we have the UK exclusive stream just for you lot.

The tracklist is below and it features names both familiar – such as Greek legends Rotting Christ – and unfamiliar. Some we’ve featured in the past and, having had a sneaky listen before posting this, some we very much hope we get to cover in the future.

A great chance to check out some new acts to add to your collection.

  1. Dys Inbunden – The Illuminating Gaze Of Lucifer
  2. Agonizer – All Alone
  3. Eyestral – Beware the Rat King
  4. Unothera – Broken (Requiem)
  5. Rotting Christ – Les Litanies De Satan (Fleurs du mal)
  6. Excruciation – Lutheran Psalms
  7. The Shiva Hypothesis – Praedormitium
  8. Hard Excess – Gunman
  9. Aspro Askari – Im Traume
  10. Death Whistle – The Last Bastion
  11. Heartache – Climax
  12. Lunokhod – Blind Leading The Blind
  13. Centrate – Revenge
  14. Dark Rites – Hall Of The Slain
  15. St. Judas – Bleed
  16. Heather Wasteland – Under The Red Wolfish Moon
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