Friday, June 5, 2020
GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
The Moshville Times

We’re having a day off! And some other stuff worth mentioning.

For one whole day I (da boss) am allowing all the worker elves a day off to recharge their rock batteries… including myself.

We’ve had an incredible year. We’ve gone from a shade over 2000 facebook likes at this time last year (which had taken around three years to amass) to blasting through the 5000 barrier earlier this month. For those who care about the technical end of things, our engagement and bounce rate have been staggering. Website hits are way up, the layout has been refreshed and we work a lot better on mobile now.

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In terms of Crew members we’ve more than doubled in size, adding quality as well as numbers. We’ve needed them as we now deal with more PR companies, bands and labels than ever before. Despite the increase in staff, we still have more work than we can get through!

We increased our Bloodstock preview coverage to all three non-main stages, ensuring we maintained our commitment to the unsigned, underground and “unknown” (for the moment) acts. We’ve covered more festivals, gigs, videos, news and interviews than ever before, ranging from fledgling events like Fort Fest to growers like Wildfire to established international festivals like Vans Warped and Tons of Rock.

Oh, yes, and we’re now a proper, registered, above board, limited company rather than just a hobbyist blog. Moshville Times is here to stay and we’re going to get even bigger and even better throughout 2017. We have plans that would make your eyes water. In the nice way.

But do you know what still gives me the biggest buzz, makes me smile the most? When a smaller band reposts something we’ve done that features them, and they’re genuinely excited about it. Obviously, it’s incredible getting to wander backstage at gigs and interview people like Joey Belladonna or Burton C Bell, but helping out the grass roots is what it was always about and I get a genuine smile on my face when these younger bands share our work.

On top of that, the reactions from our own Crew over the year. A lot of our writers and photographers are students of one kind or another, again something we fully intend to maintain. We’re giving our younger Crew members the chance to hone and show off their talents in a realistic environment, something that can go a great way towards improving their CV, personal statement and job/university applications.

We have a wonderful open environment here, and the more experienced staff have proven themselves to be hugely supportive of the amateurs and hobbyists. Our aim here is to improve our product, and the best way is to engage and enthuse not just our audience but our Crew as well.

I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved as a team this year, and things are only going to get better as we go forward. That’s a promise I am very confident in being able to make.

Enjoy your holidays, people. I’m going to have one, entire day off. Just one. Maybe. Now, where are the mince pies? I baggsied them.


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