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GIK Acoustics - Europe
GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Create our Bloodstock 2017 Road Trip soundtrack!

In the Summer of 2016, some of our intrepid crew made the journey from Scotland to Bloodstock Festival. A journey which took them, with traffic etc., about 9 hours…

So, for 2017, we want to help ease the pain of their journey with the most epic of “road-trip” soundtracks ever.

We want you, the general public, to give us each a song so we can build them a soundtrack of 24 hours of the best music to make the journey the most epic in metal history.

We’ll be featuring a song from each of the bands playing at Bloodstock Open Air 2017 as well as your suggestions. We’ll even try to get something up on the website for you to listen to on your way too.

It can be from the biggest bands on the planet, or your mate’s band that plays down the local.

We just want the best.

Feel free to share with your friends, comment on our facebook post, drop a message below… it’s all good!

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I'm Will, and I'm a Full-Time, self employed Professional Photographer and part-time music journalist. Previously the Photo Editor, I've been the Managing Editor of Moshville Times since 2016. For me, it's all about the "future" of music. The big bands, yeah, they're cool and all, but without the up-and-comers, there's nowt for us to listen to tomorrow...

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