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2016 Crew Review – Sheggs, Writer

I have reviewed so many albums this year and listened to so much more that this has been a difficult decision but here goes. Where we’ve reviewed the album, I’ve provided a link.

Album of the Year – Top 10

  1. New Model Army – Winter

What Moshville Times said: “This is New Model Army, it is punk, it’s thoughtful, it’s athematic, it is empathetic, it is a contradiction, it makes you stop and makes you want to dance. What more could you expect from them?”

  1. Raging Speedhorn – Lost Ritual

What Moshville Times said: “Raging Speedhorn are back and you are not for second are you going to regret having pledged and being part of that force that got them here. Raging Speedhorn are back and this makes for a better world.”

  1. Dinosaur Jr – Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not
  1. Huron – The Dead Stay Dead

What Moshville Times said: “It is so vital and urgent and so full of exuberance and energy that you can’t help but be dragged along in its wake, it’s so contagious I am surprised The Dead Can Stay Dead while this is playing.”

  1. The Darker My Horizon – No Superhero

What Moshville Times said: “You know when a record has worked when you find yourself humming and feeling a vibe whilst doing something else completely and wondering what it is and then realising it is No Superhero… and you find yourself looking forward to getting to listen to it again.”

  1. Tony Wright – Walnut Dash

What Moshville Times said: “You need to get this album now because this is Tony Wright back to his best. Yet another contender for album of the year. And don’t forget to tell the people you love, you love them.”

  1. Truckfighters – V

What Moshville Times said: “This is a crazily cohesive record that is more of a soundtrack to your life than a record with a start and an end. Do like I did, put it on repeat and enjoy. Time to delve into their back catalogue I feel.”

  1. Thranenkind – King Apathy

What Moshville Times said: “When we get albums to review I am always looking, I think, for a sound, atmosphere and overall albums of that period. An album that is so distinct, cohesive that it will be instantly able to transport you back to a time and a place. Trivium managed to do that on their last record and with  King Apathy, Thranenkind have made a record that I have been looking for all year.”

  1. Vodun – Possessed
  1. Gojira – Magma

What Moshville Times said: “This is probably Gojira’s most “proggy” album and offers something different on each track, pushing their boundaries further each time, boundaries that seemed to be unchallenged on their last album L’Enfant Sauvage, given the very high standards set on their previous offerings.”

Best live show – Top 5

  1. AC/DC – Manchester Etihad Stadium 9th June 2016

What Moshville Times Said: “Whatever happens next in AC/DC’s career I for one am happy that I was there on a muggy Manchester summer night to see what can happen when given the chance.”

  1. Jane’s Addiction – Download Festival – Sunday

What Moshville Times Said: “Jane’s Addiction are just as beautiful, talented, strange and unexpected as I could have hoped for; the rain stopped and there was even blue sky!

  1. Bloc Party – Leeds 02 Academy
  2. New Model Army – Leeds University
  3. Raging Speedhorn – Leeds Key Club

What Moshville Times Said: “It may not be the biggest stage but the band dominated it. With the incredible intensity of the two frontmen, one who looked throughout as though he was going to kick the shit out of us and the other was probably gonna spit on our beaten corpses.”

Best new band I discovered

  1. New Band Category goes to The Darker My Horizon. Technically I first came across them in 2015 but with a 2nd album in 12 months in 2016, they have been one of the soundtracks for the year. I just hope they start to tour further afield in 2017
  2. Late to the Party Category goes to Truckfighters – Since discovering these midyear their back catalogue has not been off my player

Best thing that happened – Finally got to see Iron Maiden

Worst thing that happened – Brexit

Overall opinion of 2016 in terms of music – Great year of music where a lot of established bands seem to re-find their spark in these changing and, often, challenging times.

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