2016 Crew Review – Richard Harris-Abbott, Videographer

As well as rattling off the occasional feature for us, Richard owns and runs Capture Entertainment International. He’s also married to one of our photographers – Amy! Here are his views of 2016, and 2017…

Best New Album: With Confidence – Better Weather

Best New band I Discovered: With Confidence (from the Warped Tour) and Set it Off

Best Live Show: Alice Cooper, Stonefree music festival.

Best Thing That Happened: The DVD I produced and directed for Bowling for Soup coming out.

Worst Thing That Happened: The death of David Bowie

Best Picture I Took: see up top!

Overall Opinion of Music in 2016: To be honest I have been very impressed. There have been a lot of artists finally being picked up by Hopeless Records, giving them the opportunity to be heard and seen by going on tour. To name a couple: With Confidence, Roam and Moose Blood.

I have also been very impressed with The Bottom Line. They have been around a while but after years of hard work they have truly come into their own and are headlining their own UK tour in 2017. Personally I think that after 2016, 2017 is going to rock the planet.

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