2016 Crew Review – Amy Harris-Abbott, Photographer

Straight into the lists courtesy of one of our in-house photographers, Amy Harris-Abbott.

Best New Album: With Confidence – Better Weather

Best New Band I Discovered: With Confidence (from the Warped Tour)

Best Live Show: Sleeping With Sirens at The Warped Tour, Palm Beach, Florida

Best thing that happened: Shooting my first gig at Wembley

Worst thing that happened: Seeing a band I have wanted to see for over ten years and being thoroughly disappointed, mostly by the venue, the sound, the lighting… just poor

Best picture I took this year: Skye Sweetnam of Sumo Cyco taken at their Southampton gig in October.

(c) Capture Entertainment Photography

Overall opinion of music in 2016: 2016 has been a year of dramatic highs and astounding lows. Starting with the most obvious low, the loss of David Bowie. Not just for the generations who knew his music (and his strange movies!) but also for the generations who now won’t know his music, who will only know of him because of a T-shirt they buy in Primark!

The music high for me is seeing Green Day come back and start touring again. It has been a rough few years for Billie Joe since the whole Heart FM (highly entertaining) debacle. It was heart breaking to see one of my favourite musicians going through so much, but it is great to see him back on track and I cannot wait for February 2017 to once again see these guys live. The last time for me was 2010. It has been too long!

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