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Track-by-Track: Ritual King – Elexir

Ritual King re-release their debut EP, Elexir, on December 2nd just to make sure the word gets round about how flipping good it is. If you like your rock bluesy and groovy, then you won’t go wrong with this collection.

ritual-king-elexirThe band kindly took time out of their day to rattle off a quick track-by-track for us. Read, enjoy then make a note to grab a copy on December 2nd!

1. Devil’s Chokehold

“Devil’s Chokehold” kick off the EP and this song is about the place that Ritual King went to university, most shops were boarded up and shutting down and there was regular violence on the streets at night. The opening line ‘Streets stained with the loss of control’ was inspired by drummer Rodge seeing blood spattered on the floor the morning after a night out.

2. ISD

This is an abbreviation of ‘Interstellar Spirit Dweller’ and refers to a lady Jordan met when he first moved to Manchester. She was a mother nature type figure and would supply him with psychedelics. The line ‘Will her freedom be free?’ refers to her being under threat of being deported due to her activities.

3. Detachment

Inspired by a spiritual journey, these are the words of Guitarist and lead Vocalist Jordan. ‘Detachment Continuity’ discusses being continuously detached from both the present moment and how society is detached from itself on a face to face social level.

4. Too Fast For Me

The fourth track on the is Too Fast for Me and it was written in referral to Jordan’s OCD. The song title references his thought patterns, the pace that they move at and how reckless and continuous these though patterns are.

5. Unorthodox Satisfaction

Co-written by Drummer Rodge and Jordan, Unorthodox Satisfaction is a reflection of finding satisfaction in something unorthodox. It’s about having to go against the grain in order to find real people with genuine values rather than conforming to fit in with everyone around you.

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