EXCLUSIVE UK STREAM – new album from Warfist

warfist-metal-to-the-bonePolish metal crew Warfist have just released their second album, Metal to the Bone, and we’re proud to be the site hosting the UK premier stream! Have a listen below to nine tracks of face-pummeling blackthrash, with perhaps an edge of party metal. Honestly, if you hear an album of faster music this year we’ll be surprised.

From “Pestilent Plague”‘s early Slayer-esque opening riffs to the crashing finale of “Reclaim the Crown”, Warfist have outdone themselves with this album.

Warfist are all about the metal and the fun, and it certainly comes across in this second offering – the follow-up to 2014’s The Devil Lives in Grünberg.

Metal to the Bone is out now.

Warfist: facebook

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